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Troubleshooting - Westinghouse WSF6608 User Manual

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If one of program monitor lights is on
and start/pause light is flashing
If the program won't start
If detergent residues are left in the
detergent compartment
If water is left inside the machine at the
end of the program
If the machine stops during a wash
If shaking and hitting noises are heard
during a wash operation
If there are partial food wastes left on
the dishes
If there are whitish stains on the dishes
If the dishes won't dry up
If there are rust stains on the dishes
Call an authorised service centre if the problem still persists after
the controls or in case of any malfunction not described above.
• Your machine's door is open, shut the door
• Check if the plug is connected
• Check your indoor fuses
• Be sure that the water inlet tap is turned on
• Be sure that you have closed the machine door
• Be sure that you switched off the machine by pressing the Power On/Off button
• Be sure that the water inlet filter and the machine filters are not clogged
• First time use: Check if the drain spigot's membrane has been removed or
spigot blocked
• Check if the delay start has been selected – reset
• Detergent has been added when the detergent compartment was wet
• A large dish in the lower basket has blocked the dispenser door
• The water drain hose is clogged or twisted
• The filters are clogged
• The program is not finished yet
• Power failure
• Water inlet failure
• Program can be on standby mode
• Dishes placed incorrectly
• Spray arm hitting the dishes
• Dishes placed incorrectly into the machine, sprayed water did not reach related places
• Basket over loaded
• Dishes leaning against one another
• Very small amount of detergent added
• An unsuitable, rather weak wash program selected
• Spray arm clogged with food wastes
• Filters clogged
• Filters incorrectly fitted
• Water drain pump clogged
• A very small amount of detergent is being used
• Rinse aid dosage setting at a very low level
• A program without a dry operation selected
• Rinse aid dosage set too low
• Dishes unloaded too fast
• Stainless-steel quality of the dishes washed is insufficient
• Unhealthy mains grounding

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