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Spray Arms; Hose Filter - Westinghouse WSF6608 User Manual

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Spray arms

Check whether the holes for the upper and lower spray
arms are clogged If there is any clogging, remove the
spray arms and clean them under water
You can remove the lower spray arm by pulling it
upwards, while the upper spray arm can be removed
by turning the lock nut to the left Be sure that the nut is
tightened when refitting the upper spray arm

Hose filter

The inlet hose filter reduces contamination (sand, clay,
rust etc ) that might be occasionally carried in through the
main's water supply or the indoor plumbing, and avoids
damage to dishwasher components Check the filter and
the hose from time to time and clean them if necessary To
clean the filter, first turn off your tap and then remove the
hose After removing the filter from the hose, clean it under
the tap Insert the cleaned filter back into its place inside
the hose Refit the hose and check that there are no leaks

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