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Recommendations; Items Not Suitable For Dishwashing - Westinghouse WSF6608 User Manual

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For your children's safety
After removing the machine's packaging, make sure
that the packaging material is out of reach of children
Do not allow children to play with or start the
Keep your children away from detergents and
rinse aids
Keep children away from the machine while it is
open because there may still be residues of cleaning
substances inside the machine
Be sure that your old machine does not pose any
threat to children Remove the dishwasher door lock
and power supply cord
In case of malfunctioning
Any malfunction in the machine should be repaired
by qualified persons Any repair work performed by
anyone other than the authorised service personnel
will cause your machine to be left outside the scope
of warranty
Prior to any repair work on the machine, be sure to
unplug the dishwasher from the power supply Do not
pull by the cable when unplugging Make sure to turn
off the water tap


For energy and water saving, remove coarse residues
on your dishes before placing the dishes into the
machine Start your machine after having fully
loaded it
Use the pre-wash program only whenever necessary
Place items such as bowls, glasses and pots into the
machine face down

Items not suitable for dishwashing:

Cigarette ashes, candle leftovers, polish, paint,
chemical substances, iron-alloy materials;
Forks, spoons and knives with wooden or bone, ivory
or nacre-coated handles; glued items, items soiled
with abrasive, acidic or base chemicals;
Plastic items that are not heat-resistant, copper or
tin coated containers;
Aluminium and silver objects (they may discolour,
become dull);
Certain delicate glass types, porcelains with
ornamental printed patterns (may fade even after
the first wash); certain crystal items (may lose their
transparency over time), laminated cutlery that is not
heat-resistant, lead crystal glasses, cutting boards,
items manufactured with synthetic fibre;
Absorbent items such as sponges or kitchen rags are
not suitable for dishwashing
Some dishwasher detergents are strongly alkaline They
can be extremely dangerous if swallowed Avoid contact
with the skin and eyes and keep children away from the
dishwasher when the door is open Check that the detergent
compartment is empty after completion of wash cycle

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