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Mtp Mode - Panasonic SV-MP010 Operating Instructions Manual

Panasonic operating instructions digital audio player sv-mp010, sv-mp020
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Recording music on the unit
Disconnecting the unit
■ When the unit is indicated as "Removable Disk" (MSC mode)
Right-click the "Safely Remove Hardware" icon on the computer's
The "USB Mass Storage Device"window appears on the computer
screen. Follow the on-screen instructions to disconnect the USB cable.
Depending on the OS, the display differs.
■ When the unit is indicated as "Panasonic Audio Player"

(MTP mode)

Upon completion of the recording, check that "ACCESS" is not shown
on the unit's display, and then disconnect the USB cable.
• When the USB cable is disconnected, the playback of the track
recorded first will start after "WAIT..." has appeared on the display.
• If the above procedure is not followed, the music data may be
destroyed, making it impossible to play the data properly. Use the unit
or the computer to delete the music data which has been destroyed. If
the data cannot be deleted, initiate resetting (
Once resetting has been initiated, all the stored data will be lost. Re-
record the music data on the unit.
The first 256 characters of the filename created on the computer are displayed on
this unit.
• This unit supports alphanumerics. It may not be able to display characters other
than alphanumerics properly.
• Supports MP3 ID3 V1 tags, ID3 V2.3 tags and WMA tags.
• If there are no ID3 tags, the display shows the "filename.mp3".
• The ID3 tags recorded for the MP3 will not be displayed properly if they are in a
language other than English.
• Compatible with DRM (PDDRM
• MP3/WMA files should always be saved in the MEDIA folder. If saved in the root
folder, the files cannot be played back or deleted from the unit.
• The saved tracks can be moved to subfolders in the MEDIA folder only on the
• The subfolders in the MEDIA folder are treated as playlists by the unit.
page 17, Files and folders structure display on your computer)
• This unit can support the Windows Media Player (Version 10) sync download
• The unit is PlaysForSure certified to support subscription based music download
and WMDRM10
, Microsoft
page 31).


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