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Saving Data - Panasonic SV-MP010 Operating Instructions Manual

Panasonic operating instructions digital audio player sv-mp010, sv-mp020
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Files and folders structure display on your computer
■ Folders displayed as playlists for the unit
• The MEDIA folders
• Subfolders in the MEDIA folder created by the computer
• The unit cannot recognize folders beyond seven hierarchical levels
(that is, at a depth of eight levels or more).
• Playlists can be selected at each hierarchical level of the folders. (
• You can record up to the maximum memory capacity of the unit, but the
maximum number of files that can be displayed is 999. The maximum number of
folders (including the MEDIA folder) that can be displayed is 299. The maximum
number of files and folders that can be displayed may be lower depending on
recording conditions.
No. of tracks recorded by
sound quality
(When the play time per
track is 4 minutes)
• This unit is compatible up to Windows Media Audio 9 (WMA9) .
However not with WMA9 Professional/Lossless/Voice and MBR .
Multiple Bit Rate: A file that contains the same content encoded at several
• If you use VBR format MP3 files, some of the unit's functions can not be
operated normally.
• Do not use your computer to format the unit's memory. Doing so may cause the
unit to malfunction. Use the unit to format its memory. (

Saving data

You can use this unit as a removable disk for saving computer data by
connecting the USB cable to a computer. (
64 kbps
96 kbps
128 kbps Approx. 250 tracks Approx. 500 tracks
different bit rates.
SV-MP010 (1 GB)
Approx. 500 tracks Approx. 999 tracks
Approx. 330 tracks Approx. 660 tracks
page 30, Formatting)
page 17, Data storage)
page 22)
SV-MP020 (2 GB)


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