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Recording Music Cds On Your Computer - Panasonic SV-MP010 Operating Instructions Manual

Panasonic operating instructions digital audio player sv-mp010, sv-mp020
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Recording music CDs on your computer

An example of how to record music CDs is given below using Windows
Media Player (hereafter abbreviated to "WMP") Version 9 ("WMP9") or
10 ("WMP10").
Insert the music CD into your computer, and start
Select [start] → [All Programs] → [Accessories] → [Entertainment]
→ [Windows Media Player]. (The displays given here are
examples of what may appear.)
● When WMP is started up for the first time
The WMP setup (installation) screen appears. Follow the on-
screen instructions.
Before recording music, set the content protection of
WMP to disabled.
1. On the [Tools] menu, click [Options...]. (If the [Tools] menu does
not appear, click [
2. WMP9: Select the [Copy Music] tab.
WMP10: Select the [Rip Music] tab.
3. Click to clear the "Copy protect music" check box.
4. Click [OK].
Select the tracks and record them.
1. WMP9: Select the [Copy from CD].
WMP10: Select the [Rip].
2. Select the tracks to be recorded.
3. WMP9: Select the [Copy Music].
WMP10: Select the [Rip Music].
Recording now starts.
Your attention is drawn to the fact that recording pre-recorded tapes or discs or
other published or broadcast material may infringe copyright laws.
] at the top right.)
WMP10 screen


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