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Panasonic SV-MP010 Operating Instructions Manual page 14

Panasonic operating instructions digital audio player sv-mp010, sv-mp020
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Recording music on the unit
• Two or more units cannot be operated even when they have been connected to
one computer.
• Keep the USB cable as straight as possible. Bending the cable too much may
destroy music data or cause problems with the computer.
• Operation cannot be guaranteed if you use a USB hub or extension cable.
• Inserting the cable forcibly into the USB connector diagonally or the wrong way
round may deform the connector, causing problems with the unit and any device
connected to it.
Copy and paste the MP3/WMA
In My Computer or Explorer, open the folder for the
unit (Removable Disk or Panasonic Audio Player).
Open the MEDIA folder.
Copy and paste or drag and drop the MP3/WMA
folder from your computer's folder into the MEDIA folder.
"ACCESS" appears on the unit's display. When downloading is
completed, "USB CONNECTED" re-appears.
Computer folder
■ Recording complete albums
Drag and drop the folder in which the WMA or MP3 files were directly
saved, into the MEDIA folder. The folder name will be displayed as a
playlist name by the unit.
MEDIA folder


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