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Haier CI0193AANB Installation, Operation And Technical Manual page 43

Air cooled semi-hermetic screw chiller
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11.2 Tuch screen control system
●Control operation
The hardcore of control equipment adopt TT-KT0150509-V3.0 of ATMEL-MEGA32, the operation interface
adopt ST400 touch screen of Digital in Japan, the low pressure organ adopt LG electricity. The whole control
system is stable and reliable.
11.2.1 Preparation before start the unit
1. Check if the power capacity is accord with the unit before first startup.
2. Check if the voltage is accord with the unit.
Note: the voltage for the unit is: 3-phase, 380 V
3. Check the insulation performance of each connection part of compressor and motor.
Note: the insulation resistance should no less than 2 M
4. The power lamp will light and oil heater (R1) start working if electrified the control cabinet
which is with the operation panel.
Note: heat the unit at least 8 hours before startup.
5. "SEM" is the emergency switch, use this switch when need to stop immediately when the unit
is working, do not use it facilely.
Note: self-lock when the button is pressed, there is no electricity for control cabinet and
touch screen, press the vortical button to reset.
11.2.2 Display and operation
"Q1" is the single pole switch, the control circuit will operate when close the switch. The
controller and ST400 touch screen will start working.
* Startup display
10 seconds later, turn the current display to "Status selection" display automatically.
* Operation status selection



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