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Installation - Haier CI0193AANB Installation, Operation And Technical Manual

Air cooled semi-hermetic screw chiller
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5. Installation

5.1 Inspection & Acceptance
When the chiller is shipped to the place of delivery in accordance with the contract, the client shall engage in
inspection and acceptance.
a. Check the completeness of documents shipped with the chiller;
b. Check the model, specification and accessory to the chiller against the above-mentioned documents;
c. Check the chiller for any broken parts and the completeness of spare parts;
d. Check if there is any leakage of refrigerant charged into the equipment.
Please timely notify us or our business branch in case of any broken parts or any doubt, so that we can
handle it with a proper manner.
After inspection of the equipment, it is advisable to adopt proper protective measures. Do not hastily remove
the package so as to avoid possible damage to the equipment.
5.2 Handling & Hoisting
All the chillers have gone through rigid testing and inspection procedures before leaving the factory to
ensure their quality and performance. Please handle the equipment with extreme care to avoid damage to
the control and piping system.
1) Transport the equipment to a location as close to the installation site as possible before removing the
outer package and stand the equipment on its end. When transporting chiller without package, it needs to
follow the procedures given below:
A. Move the chiller with rollers. Insert three identical rollers under the base of chiller. The roller should be
a little bit wider than the chiller bracket to maintain its balance.
B. Lift up the chiller with forklift truck. Insert the fork under the chiller base and lift it up with extreme care.
The fork should be in fast contact with the two longitudinal beams on the base.
The client may make by its own two hoisting racks and place them on top of the chiller to expand the
steel cable so as to avoid damage to the chiller panel. The strength of the steel wire should be at least 3
times of the weight of the chiller. The hoisting hole on the chiller should be fast. When hoisting, no
personnel may stand under the chiller. Weight of the chiller is indicated in the rating plate. (Refer to
Diagram 1)
(Diagram 1)



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