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Beverage Chiller
Product appearance depends on goods
(Keep it for your reference)


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  • Page 1 Beverage Chiller LC-138WB OPERATION INSTRUCTION (Keep it for your reference) Product appearance depends on goods...
  • Page 2 Infant care Air cooling Energy Frostless Store -saving Mute Ecological Orchard...
  • Page 3 Infant care Dry, store tea Independent Button switch for tea retain temperature-regulating freshness mode, control air seal area, eliminate output, water, and external pollution, with ion temperature. sterilization module, provide a healthy food storage area for mother and baby. Attractive appearance Unique glass door with colorful crystal, top surface Air cooling, frostless...
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    PRODUCT SAFETY PRECAUTIONS · Product safety precautions ..........· Preparation before use ............· Use steps for the first time ..........Main functions of the product: ..........Control Panel ....................1.Lock/unlock function ..................2.Lighting function ....................3.M.Zone temperature regulation ..............4.Cold storage temperature regulation key function ......
  • Page 5: Product Safety Precautions

    PRODUCT SAFETY PRECAUTIONS Distinguished Haier user: Thank you for using haier product. In order to read the operating instruction and use the product better, prevent personal injury and damage to goods, please read the instruction carefully and observe the content of following logo.
  • Page 6 About use Location 1.Inflammable and explosive items are strictly prohibited in the Beverage Chiller and corrosive acid-base chemicals are also prohibited. 2.To ensure safety, advise user don’t put socket and other electric device on the Beverage Chiller also don’t use small appliances inside in the Beverage Chiller, in case of electromag netic interference and other accidents.
  • Page 7: Preparation Before Use

    Beverage Chiller open door size. (Unit: mm) MODEL LC-138WB 1037 1015 Note: Product technical data reference each series of models Cleaning the Beverage Chiller before use. Well-placed, it’s better to clean the Beverage Chiller, use soft close to wipe the wine On standing After installed and cleaned, please don’t power on right away, on standing at...
  • Page 8: Use Steps For The First Time

    USE STEPS FOR THE FIRST TIME Beverage Chiller constituent parts Tabletop LED lamp Display Wooden wine shelf (on front of the door) Folding glass shelf Flat glass shelf Glass door Fruit box M.Zone box POWER ON PILOT RUN WAITING FOR COOLING When power on, Power on, look at...
  • Page 9: Main Functions Of The Product

    MAIN FUNCTIONS OF THE PRODUCT Control Panel Temp M.Zone Refrigerate zone display Lock Icon temperature regulation temperature regulation Sterilize F.Cool Lock Lighting Temp M.Zone Hold 3 Sec Sterilization Fast-cool Infant Ice-cold Lighting Lock Icon Icon Beverage Icon Lock/unlock function In order to protect the setting temperature and working condition, this product is designed with panel automatic lock function specially.
  • Page 10: M.zone Temperature Regulation

    M.Zone temperature regulation In the unlocking situation, press 【M.Zone】button, the display shows current temperature setting gear, and corresponding flicker, each time press the button the gear change one time. For example, if current is tea gear, press one time【M.Zone】button, 【tea icon】 lights up and flickers, and press 【 M.Zone】button again, 【ice-cold icon】...
  • Page 11: Daily Maintenance Of Product

    DAILY MAINTENANCE OF PRODUCT Beverage Chiller clean Cleaning steps: 1.Pull power plug, power off. 2.Take out the food. 3.Dip a soft towel in hot water to wipe Beverage Chiller. 4.After using detergent, please clean with water immediately. 5.Cleaning the dirt of Beverage Chiller both side and backboard. 6.Finish cleaning Beverage Chiller.
  • Page 12: If You Have Any Question, Please Look Here

    IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTION, PLEASE LOOK HERE Q1: Something special show in Q3: Beverage Chiller compressor the control panel? working hours? Feature Temperature display “L “ Feature Compressor working time too long. Beverage Chiller ambient temperature 1.Long-time use for the first time. Reason too low, results Beverage Chiller inside 2.High environment temperature or...
  • Page 13 Q6: Beverage Chiller inside is odorous? Feature Bicker when working. Feature Glass door with condensation. Reason Liquid refrigerant flows. Reason New Beverage Chiller has plastic smell. Solution Normal phenomenon. Automatically volatile after use a Solution little time. Feature Noisy when working. Q7: Beverage Chiller both side box 1.Uneven ground.
  • Page 14: Technical Data Packing List

    Technical data Climate Supply cord Temp Input Rated voltage Available Model type connection mode range power Rated frequency capacity 220~240(V) LC-138WB 2~14(°C) 125(W) 132(L) 50(Hz) Power Overall dimension Refrigerant Weight consumption D*W*H 0.73 R600a 578*522*1075(mm) 56kg (Kw*h/24h) Packing list Name...
  • Page 16 专用号条码 0070513173A Verison:V1 Date:201809...

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