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Haier CI0193AANB Installation, Operation And Technical Manual page 25

Air cooled semi-hermetic screw chiller
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PH Value
Chlorine Ion
Sodium Ion
Total Ferrous Content
Alkaline Ion
Total Hardness
Sulfuric Ion
Ammonia Ion
Sodium Ion
1) Do not install the chiller indoor. or leave at least 1.5m between air vent and the ceiling if have to and equip
the chiller with proper ventilation equipment so that the heat generated by the chiller during operation can quickly
2) The refrigerant R22 for the unit is nontoxic and non-flammable. it will permeate near the ground if leakage
occur for R22 is heavier than air. So the ventilation must be will if install the chiller inside in an enclosed room to
avoid suffocation.
3) Stop the chiller immediately and contact with the technician in time if leakage occurs. Naked fire is
prohibited in the site, or the refrigerant will be reduced to harmful gases.
4) Connect water systems between modules in parallel when applying multi-module. Each module should
have a flow switch and a minimum 450mm space should be left between modules for maintenance.
5) Use cuprum-core soft cable which can meet the current requiement of chiller as power supply cable, the
cable should be connected with cuprum block directly when enter electric box and setted away from weak
electrical wire, otherwise, it is forbidden to install or maintain when power is on.
6) Confirm if the electrical connection is well before debugging. The connection may become flexible during
transport, so fix the connection again before debugging.
7) The dip switch on the P
5.7 Installation of electric control
Install the power cable (3-phase, 4-wire type)
Check if the local power supply (voltage, frequency) can meet the requirement of the unit.
Please install residual circuit circuit-breaker.
Note: For the safety, the unit must be grounded.
Fix the chilled water inlet/outlet temperature sensor: It is placed on the exterior pipes vertically (less than
450mm to the unit).
Fix the chilled water inlet/outlet pressure drop controller: high pressure side is connected to the inlet; low
pressure side is connected to the outlet.
Not Required
control module is forbidden to be changed.



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