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Haier CI0193AANB Installation, Operation And Technical Manual page 37

Air cooled semi-hermetic screw chiller
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2) 386 PCB circuit: it is the input/output control of PCB mostly.
cycling water flow protection
No.3 fan motor overload
No.2 fan motor overload
No.1 fan motor overload
compressor overload
compressor oil level protection
compressor oil pressure
drop controller
compressor electronic protection
power supply protection
touch screen
discharging pressure
suction pressure
discharging temperature
fin temperature
main control water outlet
cycling water outlet
cycling water inlet
address setting
remote control
auxiliary heating startup/stop switch
cycling pump startup/stop switch
failure alarm
cycling water pump
auxiliary electric heat
4-way valve
by-pass solenoid valve
No3 condensing fan motor
No2 condensing fan motor
No1 condensing fan motor
liquid-spray solenoid valve
compressor capacity
solenoid valve 75%
compressor capacity
solenoid valve 50%
compressor capacity
solenoid valve 25%
compressor control



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