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Unit Statup And Stop - Haier CI0193AANB Installation, Operation And Technical Manual

Air cooled semi-hermetic screw chiller
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6. Unit startup and stop
6.1 Check before startup
6.1.1 Water circuit
Confirm if the water circuit has leakage and if the water flow direction is correct.
Open all the water valves.
Start up the chilled water pump.
Exhaust the air in the water circuit of heat exchanger.
Check the water side resistance consumption of heat exchanger and if the water flow volume is correct.
Confirm the temperature sensor is fixed correctly.
6.1.2 Wiring circuit
Cut off the main power switch, and check all the startup circuit and control circuit.
Confirm the switch is at OFF state.
Check the power supply if the voltage fluctuation (within ±10%), the phase voltage unbalance (within ±
2%), and the power frequency fluctuation (within ±2%) are in the permitted range.
Check if there is enough power supply capacity to meet the requirement of startup and full load operation.
Water switch is fixed as per the circuit diagram.
For multi-compressor system, please wire the communication cables as per the group control wiring
Confirm that all the wires and the fuses are the proper specs matching with the unit.
Confirm all the accessories and the control device operate normally, and at the first operation, their cooling
capacity can meet the operation requirement.
Though the electric circuit such as control box and the sensors, etc. has been tested before out of factory.
Because in the transportation, there are some uncertain effects, please check the unit carefully again before the
unit is put into use.
6.1.3 System section
Confirm if the compressor oil heater has been electrified for 24 hours.
Through the liquid sight glass of the oil segregator, if you can observe the oil level, please add the oil.
Check the fan-driving device, if there is corrosion or rust and if the fan needs to be cleaned, etc. For the
problems, maintain or adjust the unit.
Open the manual stop valve of the liquid spray pipe fully.
Open the suction, discharging stop valves, and then turn 1/2 circle in clockwise.
Open the liquid supplying valve fully.
Open the chilled water pump.
6.2 Unit startup and stop
1.Close the exterior main power switch, and enter the unit operation surface, that is the auto startup
2.If the unit occurs failure in running, the control box can alarm automatically or cut off the power supply,
meanwhile, on the screen there is the failure information.
3.Parameters in the cooling standard condition:



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