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Product Character - Haier CI0193AANB Installation, Operation And Technical Manual

Air cooled semi-hermetic screw chiller
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2. Product character

Haier air-cooled (heat pump) chiller is a comprehensive product developed by Haier. This product series
adopt compressors, system parts and electrical components of well-known brands and they are characterized
by compact structure, cutting-edge technology, reliable control, cost-effective operation and convenient
installation. The computer-controlled system can not only improve control precision and reliability, but also
realize multi-step energy adjustment, through which the balance of chiller capacity and customer load is
optimized and thus to effect economical operation. The chiller is under continuous control by means of large
volume information display. Unattended and energy-saving operation can be realized using the preset
operation mode and operation program. The computer-controlled system can be connected to master computer
so as to render network-based automatic management of the whole building. The air-cooled integral structure
is dispensed with such components as cooling tower and cooling pump and can save project construction cost.
This product can serve as central air-condition system for hotels, stores and office buildings and can meet the
technological air-conditioning requirements in textiles, chemical, metallurgical, pharmaceutical and power
2.1 Motor
The compressor motor is 3-phase scal perator induction type, and the operation voltage will be confirmed
as per the nameplate.
The inner refrigerant suction system is cooled by the refrigerant.
Started up by Y -△ type
2.2 Compressor
The compressor is equipped with the protection device of discharging temperature, discharging pressure,
suction pressure, motor coil temperature, motor coil, etc.
The unit adopts screw type compressor. Within 3 minutes after startup, the compressor is in the transitional
Note: 1) To avoid the compressor start/stop frequency, once shut off, please do not start up the compressor
in 3 minutes. 2) When several compressors are installed, the time difference of the compressor startup needs to
be set.
The capacity adjustment will be realized by the refrigerant driving the slide valve.
In the compressor there is high efficiency oil segregator.
The screw axis and the rotor are one complete unit in the mold.
2.3 SHELL&TUBE heat exchanger
In cooling mode, SHELL&TUBE heat exchanger is as evaporator, while, in heating mode, it is as
The SHELL&TUBE heat exchanger adopts high efficiency copper pipe.
In the SHELL&TUBE heat exchanger, the freezed water will flow out of the copper pipe, while the
refrigerant flow in the copper pipe.
Out of the SHELL&TUBE heat exchanger, there is the heat insulation material.
2.4 Condenser
Condenser adopts the pinned coil type structure, and adopts the high efficiency copper pipe. The condenser
fan motor is with low noise.



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