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Haier CI0193AANB Installation, Operation And Technical Manual page 24

Air cooled semi-hermetic screw chiller
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Multiple units are combined, the water pipes out of unit connection figure:
Planform for master unit
flow switch
Technical requirement:
pressure gauge
1.Temperature sensor must be installed on the main water pipe of the unit.
2.Temperature sensor should be installed at the place far from the electric box <15m.
water temperature
3.In the sleeve of temperature sensor should be filled with appropriate
sleeve hole with the sealant.
4.The communication wire between two units can not be over 50m.
5.5 Installation for water pump
Must install stop valve at the water inlet/outlet to make the general maintenance conveniently.
Suggest that the thermometer and pressure gauge are installed at the water inlet/outlet of heat exchanger in
order to check or maintain the unit easily.
Suggest that the filter is installed close to water inlet joint of evaporator to prevent the dirt into the heat
Chilled water pump on the pipe should be installed on the water inlet pipe of the evaporator. Other object
except for the unit can control the pump.
Suggest that all the pipes connected to the unit should be equipped with the anti-vibration device. If the unit
has the shock absorber, the unit and the pipe should be connected in cross type.
On the lower points of the pipes, the drainage joint can be set, while on the higher position, the air
discharging joint can be set.
Before the water pipe is put the heat preservation and the unit is filled with water, please check the pipe
Must install the required flow switch.
When the project needs to install the dirt removal system, please avoid the water inlet/outlet pipe of the heat
exchanger, otherwise, that will affect the efficiency.
5.6 Control of Water Quality
When industrial water is used as chilling water, there is little scale formed. When water from well or river is
used, more sediment such as scale or sand will settle down in the evaporator, which will reduce the water flow
and leads to freezing of pipes. So the water should be filtered and softened with chemicals before being supplied
to chilling water system. It is necessary to analyze the PH value, conductivity, the concentration of chlorine ion
and sulfuric ion.The following is the water quality standards adopted by Haier:
Evaporator Water Quality Standard:
master control box
master unit
heat exchanger
water inlet
water outlet
water inlet to air
water outlet to
air conditioner
glycerin. After the sensor has been inserted in the sleeve, seal the
Planform for slave unit
slave control box
slave unit
heat exchanger
water inlet
water outlet



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