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Haier CI0193AANB Installation, Operation And Technical Manual page 35

Air cooled semi-hermetic screw chiller
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taken in by the compressor to start a new cycle.
9.2 Daily maintenance:
In order to maintain the unit performance and life, please check the below items in daily maintenance:
1.Check if the high/low pressure switch data is in accordant with the requirement.
2.Observe the refrigerant oil level.
3.Observe the refrigerant oil color, if is seems brown or black, please change the oil.
4.Observe the pressure gauge, and confirm if the high/low pressure is correct and the working points have
tolerance, record the operation data.
5.Measure if the working current of the compressor is correct.
6.Check if the unit is stable and if the unit can run continuously.
7.Confirm if the unit and the condenser is noisy.
8.Confirm if the drainage is OK.
9.Confirm if the refrigerant charge is proper.
10.If the condenser fan motor is running normally and the rotation direction is correct.
11.If the wire has been bitten, worn, over hot, aged and if the connector is loose.
12.The leakage of electric system.
13.If the electric parts are insulated, bad radiator, or over heat, etc. phenomenon.
14.Check if the condenser is blocked by the dirt or sundries. If yes, please clear immediately.
15.If there is tough, collision or friction among pipes, please adjust or add the rubber.
16.If the refrigerant pipe and welding point are rusty, please remove the rust with the tender sand paper and
cloth, then paint the anti-rust varnish.
17.If the frame and other steel shell are rust, remove the rust with the rough sand paper and the cloth, then
paint the anti-rust lacquer with the same color.



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