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Installing In A Chassis - D-Link DMC-1910 Quick Installation Manual

1000base-tx to 1000base-lx single-fiber media converter kit


Table of Contents
Switch 1: Fiber mode switch
When the switch was turned to "On", it means that the fiber was turned to
forced mode, and "Off" for auto-negotiation mode.
Note: Be sure the opposite end is using the same setting (forced or Auto-
negotiation). And when using two converters at the same time, the two
converters MUST set to forced mode.
Switch 2: LLR
When the switch was turned to "On", it means that the LLR was enabled and
"Off" for disabled.
Note: When using two converters, don't enable the both devices' LLR
function at the same time.

Installing in a Chassis

The Converter can be fit into any of the expansion slots on a special designed
Unscrew and pull out the media converter board
First, install the converter onto a carrier supplied with the chassis:
Step 1- Unscrew the carrier from the desired expansion slot on the chassis.
Step 2- Remove the screw on the converter as shown below.
Step 3- Fit the converter onto the carrier and use the screw to secure it.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents