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Flue Accessories; Selecting The Right Flue - Bosch Optiflow Professional GWH12 Installation Manual

Room sealed gas continuous flow water heaters 1 ctd e23/31 f5 l
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2.11 Flue accessories

Bosch 4000S coaxial flue must be used with
this appliance. Failure to use Bosch 4000S
flue could result in appliance failure.
DANGER: Install the flue gas pipe so that
there are no leaks.
▶ Non compliance with this requirement
may cause combustion gases to leak
through the appliance installation
compartment and may result in personal
injury or death.
Vertical Flue Kit (Fixed 1.4m)
Telescopic Horizontal Flue Kit 500-725mm
Horizontal Flue Kit (Fixed 0.8m)
Horizontal Flue Kit w/ Adaptor Ø 60/100
Table 6
Flue gas accessories Ø60/100 mm
6 720 810 560 (2016/06)

2.11.1 Selecting the Right Flue

▶ Map your flue configuration.
▶ Check that the configuration, including bends, is within the
maximum flue limits.
▶ Calculate whether a condensate trap is required using
Fig. 4.
▶ Choose the flue kit that best suits your application. The kit
includes the appliance adapter and terminal.
▶ Add any flue lengths, bends, or condensate traps required
for your configuration.
▶ Place your order using the Bosch part numbers shown
Below is a list of accessories. Only use
original accessories.
7 716 050 071
7 716 050 063
7 716 050 064
7 736 995 083
Optiflow Professional

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