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Installation Of Flue Accessories; Altitude Of Installation Site - Bosch Optiflow Professional GWH12 Installation Manual

Room sealed gas continuous flow water heaters 1 ctd e23/31 f5 l
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Size gas supply as per AS/NZS5601.
Incorrect gas pipe sizing will not be covered
by the warranty.

Installation of flue accessories

The instructions in the respective manual must be followed for
the installation of the accessories.
DANGER: Install the flue gas pipe so that
there are no leaks!
▶ Non compliance with this requirement
may cause combustion gases to leak
through the appliance case and may
result in personal injury or death.
Ensure that the flue is installed to the
requirements of AS/NZS5601.
▶ Once the connection of the flue is completed, ensure that
the seal is air tight.
Flue configuration
Bosch 4000S supplied flue must be used with these
Cutting coaxial flue to length
When cutting flue to length please ensure that:
All cuts are made on the male end of each flue component.
The cuts are square (not on an angle) so that a complete
seal can be achieved on installation.
The burrs are removed from the cut lengths of flue. If burrs
are not removed they may damage the internal seals in the
Maximum distance to the facade
In case of horizontal flue termination:
▶ Ensure that the distance between the end of the inlet air
pipe and the facade is no greater than 30 mm (Fig. 7).
Optiflow Professional
Installation (only by an authorised technicians) | 15
Fig. 7

Altitude of installation site

To ensure correct operation of the appliance, at altitudes above
500m, the altitude setting must be adjusted.
▶ Enter the Service function (section 5.2).
Display will show "P2".
▶ Press
until the display shows "P4".
▶ Press the button
Display will show "E".
▶ Press
until the display shows "AS".
▶ Press the button
Display will show "1".
▶ Press the button
installation site according with table below.
Table 11
and select the altitude of the
< 500 m
500 m - 1 000 m
1 000 m - 1 500 m
1 500 m - 2 000 m
2 000 m - 2 500 m
> 2500 m
6 720 810 560 (2016/06)

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