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Key To Symbols And Safety Instructions; Key To Symbols; Safety Information - Bosch Optiflow Professional GWH12 Installation Manual

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Key to symbols and safety instructions


Key to symbols

Warnings in this document are identified by a
warning triangle printed against a grey
Keywords at the start of a warning indicate
the type and seriousness of the ensuing risk
if measures to prevent the risk are not taken.
The following keywords are defined and used in this document:
NOTICE indicates a situation that could result in damage to
property or equipment.
CAUTION indicates a situation that could result in minor to
medium injury.
WARNING indicates a situation that could result in severe
injury or death.
DANGER indicates a situation that will result in severe
injury or death.
Important information
This symbol indicates important information
where there is no risk to people or property.
Additional symbols
Symbol Explanation
Step in an action sequence
Cross-reference to another part of the document
List entry
List entry (second level)
Table 1

Safety Information

If you smell gas
A gas leak could potentially cause an explosion. If you smell gas,
observe the following rules.
▶ Avoid producing flames or sparks:
– Do not smoke, do not use a lighter or strike matches.
– Do not operate any electrical switches or unplug any
Optiflow Professional
Key to symbols and safety instructions | 3
– Do not use the telephone or ring doorbells.
▶ Turn off the gas supply at the main shut-off valve or at the
gas meter.
▶ Open windows and doors.
▶ Warn your neighbours and leave the building.
▶ Prevent anyone from entering the building.
▶ Stay well away from the building: call the emergency
services and the gas supplier.
If you notice dark combustion gases or sooting:
▶ Isolate the gas supply to the heater.
▶ Notify an authorised technician.
Installation, Assembly and Modifications
Installation, assembly and modifications to the heater must
only be performed by an authorised technician .
▶ The water heater is required to have a service and safety
inspection every two years.
▶ The installer is responsible for the safety and
environmental compatibility of the installation, according
to local regulations.
▶ The Owner/User is responsible for keeping the area around
the water heater free from debris.
▶ Safe access to inspect and service the water heater is the
responsibility of the property owner.
▶ Use only genuine Bosch spare parts.
Explosive and highly flammable material
▶ Do not store or use flammable material (paper, spray cans,
solvents, paints, etc) near the heater.
Combustion air and surrounding air
▶ The combustion air and surrounding air must be free from
corrosive substances.
▶ Do not spray aerosols or use chemicals around the heater
unless heater is disconnected from the power supply.
Risk of damage due to user error
User errors can result in injury and damage to property.
▶ Ensure that children never play with or operate this
▶ Ensure that only personnel who can operate this appliance
correctly have access to it.
▶ Refer to the operating and user instructions before
adjusting the water heater.
To be installed and serviced only by an authorised person
The authorised installer is responsible for:
Correct installation and commissioning of this appliance.
6 720 810 560 (2016/06)

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