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Environmental Considerations; Water Quality - Bosch Optiflow Professional GWH12 Installation Manual

Room sealed gas continuous flow water heaters 1 ctd e23/31 f5 l
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Environmental considerations

Environmental protection is a fundamental corporate strategy
of the Bosch Group.
The quality of our products, their efficiency and environmental
safety are all of equal importance to us and all environmental
protection legislation and regulations are strictly observed.
We use the best possible technology and materials for
protecting the environment taking into account economic
We participate in the recycling programmes of the countries in
which our products are sold to ensure optimum recycling.
All of our packaging materials are environmentally friendly and
can be recycled.
Used appliances
Used appliances contain valuable materials that should be
The various assemblies can be easily dismantled and synthetic
materials are marked accordingly. Assemblies can therefore be
sorted by composition and passed on for recycling or disposal.
Optiflow Professional
Environmental considerations | 23

Water quality

All Bosch water heating appliances are constructed from high
quality materials and components and all are certified for
compliance with relevant parts of Australian and New Zealand
gas, electrical and water standards.
Whilst Bosch water heaters are warranted against defects, the
warranty is conditional upon correct installation and use, in
accordance with detailed instructions provided with the
heater. In the case of the water supplied to the heater, it is
important that the water quality be of an acceptable standard.
The water quality limits/parameters listed in water quality table
are considered acceptable and generally, Australian and New
Zealand suburban water supplies fall within these limits/
In areas of Australia and New Zealand where water may be
supplied, either fully or partly, from bores, artesian wells or
similar, one or more of the important limits may well be
exceeded and the heater could, therefore, be at risk of failure.
Where uncertainty exists concerning water quality, intending
appliance users should seek a water analysis from the water
supplying authority and in cases where it is established that the
water supply does not meet the quality requirements of the
water quality table, the Bosch warranty would not apply.
Water quality table
Maximum levels
+0.4 to -1.0
at 65 °C
Table 15
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