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Nx series constant and variable torque variable speed drives for induction motors
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2.1 CE marking
The CE marking on the product guarantees the free movement of the product within the EEA
(European Economic Area). It also guarantees that the product meets the various requirements
defined by the directive.
The NX frequency converters carry the CE label as a proof of compliance with the Low Voltage
Directive (LVD) and the Electro Magnetic Compatibility (EMC). The company
acted as the Competent Body.
2.2 EMC directive
The EMC Directive provides that the electrical apparatus must not excessively disturb the
environment it is used in, and also, it shall have an adequate level of immunity toward other
disturbances from the same environment.
The compliance of the NX frequency converters with the EMC directive is verified with Technical
Construction Files (TCF) checked and approved by SGS FIMKO, which is a
Technical Construction Files are used to authenticate the comformity of the NX frequency
converters with the Directive due to the large product family & variety of installations possibilities.

Technical criteria

The NX frequency converters are marketed throughout the world, a fact which makes the EMC
requirements of customers different. As far as the immunity is concerned, all NX frequency
converters are designed to fulfil even the strictest requirements, while as regards the emission
level, the customer may want to upgrade the NX's already high ability to filter electro-magnetic

NX frequency converter EMC classification

The NX frequency converters are divided into three classes, according to the level of
electromagnetic disturbances emitted. There is no difference in the functions or the control
electronics between these classes but their EMC properties vary as follows:
Class H:
All Vacon NX frequency converters have been designed to fulfil the requirements of the
product standard EN61800-3 for the 1st environment restricted distribution and the 2nd
The emission levels correspond to the requirements of EN50081-2.
Class L:
The customer has the possibility to upgrade the EMC-disturbance filtering level of the product by
ordering the frequency converter with external EMC filters. In such case, the frequency converter
complies with the generic standards EN 50081-1, EN 50081-2 and EN 61800-3, 2nd
environment (restricted distribution).

Receipt of delivery

Body. The

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents