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Setting Self Clean; Oven Set For 3 Hour Clean; Setting 4 Hour Clean; Display Prompting User To Remove Racks - Frigidaire FPEW3077RF Use And Care Manual

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Setting Self Clean

If you are planning to use the oven directly after a self clean
cycle, remember to allow time for the oven to cool down
and the oven door to unlock. This normally takes about one
hour. A 3 hour self clean cycle will actually take about 4
hours to complete.
It is recommended to use a 2 hour self clean cycle for light
soils, a 3 hour cycle for average soils, and a 4 hour cycle for
heavy soils.
To set the controls for a 3 hour self clean cycle and
shut off automatically:
1. Turn both the oven mode and oven temperature
selectors to CLEAN. The display will show a 3 hour
time (normal clean) and the
Figure 24: Oven set for 3 hour clean
2. If a 3 hour clean is desired, the control will accept the
time within 3 seconds. However, the user may select a
2 or 4 hour clean by using the – or + keys to change to
the desired clean time and then allow the control to
accept the change.
Figure 25: Setting 2 hour clean
Figure 26: Setting 4 hour clean
Once the control accepts the clean time the display will
flash a reminder for the user to REMOVE RACKS. The
Figure 27: Display prompting user to remove racks
REMOVE RACKS notification will flash for a few seconds
prompting the user to remove all oven racks. If the oven
door is opened as this time the display will show CLO to
indicate that the door must be closed before the clean cycle
can begin. If the door remains open for more than 3
minutes, the clean function will be canceled.
Figure 28: Message of open door that must be closed
before oven can begin the clean cycle
When the oven is set to run the clean cycle, the motor door
lock will begin locking the oven door. Do not open the oven
door while the lock motor is running or when any locking
indicators or displays are showing. The oven door is
completely locked in about 15 seconds.

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