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Frigidaire FPEW3077RF Use And Care Manual page 19

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Meat Probe (cont'd)
is inserted, an acceptance tone will
When the probe
sound, the probe icon appears in the display
Close the oven door
Figure 18: Probe inserted and ready to set temperature
4. Press the
key to set the desired probe temperature
between 140°F and 210°F. If no selection is made
within 10 seconds, the control will automatically set the
default temperature of 170°F and the display will sound
an acceptance chime.
Note: The probe must be fully set before setting the oven
mode and temperature mode.
5. Set the oven mode to NO PREHEAT, BAKE, CONV
6. Set the oven temp control to the desired cooking
temperature.The oven will begin heating.
7. During the cooking process, an up arrow
current meat probe temperature will appear in the
display until the meat probe target temperature is
8. When 75% of the target temperature is reached, the
control will chime and a CHECK FOOD reminder will
appear in the display. CHECK FOOD will remain in the
display and continue to chime every 60 seconds for five
minutes or until the oven door is open.
9. Once the target temperature of the food is reached, the
control will chime to signal the end of cooking. At this
time the
will turn off and the display will show the
FOOD READY and OVEN WARM messages.
Food Poisoning Hazard. Do not let food sit for more than one
hour before or after cooking. Doing so can result in food
poisoning or sickness.
and the
Trailing Keep Warm with Meat Probe
When the meat probe reaches the target temperature, the
oven will automatically switch to keep warm (170°F) and
remain on for up to 3 hours before turning off automatically.
The display will continue to show the meat probe tempera-
ture until either keep warm is canceled or by disconnecting
the meat probe from the receptacle. Once turned off, the
probe icon and temperature will fade from the display.
Important: If the meat probe temperature should exceed
the maximum allowable temperature, the oven control will
beep and HOT will appear in the display for 40 seconds to
notify that the probe temperature is too high.
Setting Keep Warm
Keep Warm maintains a temperature of 170°F (77°C) for
keeping oven baked foods at serving temperature until
canceled. The feature may be used with BAKE, CONV
Keep warm tips:
Always start with hot food. Do not use the keep warm
feature to heat cold food.
Food in heat-safe glass and glass ceramic containers
may need higher temperature settings compared to
food in regular containers. Avoid repeated openings of
the oven, it will allow hot air to escape and the food to
Aluminum foil may be used to cover food to increase
moisture content.
To set keep warm:
1. Arrange interior oven racks and place food in oven.
2. Turn the oven mode selector to BAKE, CONV BAKE,
3. Set the oven temperature selector to KEEP WARM.
4. The indicator light will blink and then an acceptance
chime will sound.
5. The preheat indicator light will turn on and stay on until
the oven reaches the keep warm temperature of 170°
6. When finished with keep warm, be sure to turn both the
oven mode selector and the oven temperature selector
to OFF.

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