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Frigidaire FPEW3077RF Use And Care Manual page 18

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Meat Probe
Use the probe feature for best results when cooking foods
such as roasts, hams or poultry, using a probe to check
internal temperature is the safest method to ensure properly
cooked food. Before using the meat probe read the
important information listed here:
The probe feature must be set before setting the
cooking mode and oven temperature.
If no cooking mode is selected within 30 seconds of
setting the target temperature, the oven mode
indicator light will stop blinking. The display will
continue to show the meat probe settings until an
allowable cooking mode is selected.
If a timer is running it must be canceled before the
probe temperature can be set.
If the meat probe is unplugged during a cooking
function (or plugged in during BROIL) the oven will
turn off.
When the meat probe is set correctly, the control will
signal an alert when the internal food temperature
reaches the set temperature.
When active, the internal food temperature is visible
in the display during the cooking process. This elimi-
nates any guesswork or the need to open the oven
door to check the thermometer.
Important: If the meat probe is plugged in while the oven
is in a function that allows for the meat probe, the control
will sound an alert (triple beep) indicating that the meat
probe cannot be set until the user does the following:
1. Cancel the active oven mode.
2. The display will show the meat probe icon and
temperature 000°.
3. Set the desired meat probe temperature.
4. Set the desired oven mode.
Proper placement of probe in food.
Insert the probe so that the probe tip rests inside the
center of the thickest part of meat or food
For best results, do not allow the probe to contact bone,
fat, gristle, or the cookware.
For bone-in ham or lamb, insert the probe into the
center of lowest large muscle or joint.
For meatloaf or casseroles, insert the probe into center
of food.
When cooking fish, insert meat probe just above the gill.
For whole poultry or turkey, fully insert the probe into the
thickest part of the breast.
Figure 17: Placing probe in poultry
To set probe:
1. Insert the probe into the food. Place prepared food on
the desired oven rack position and slide into the oven.
2. Plug the connector end of the probe into the probe
receptacle while the oven is still cool. The receptacle is
located on the upper left front oven cavity wall.

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