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Setting Convection Convert; Setting Convection Roast; To Set Oven For Convection Roasting - Frigidaire FPEW3077RF Use And Care Manual

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Setting Convection Convert

Convection convert automatically converts a standard
baking recipe for convection baking. Convection convert
may only be used with convection bake.This feature must
be set before selecting the oven mode and oven tempera-
ture by using the user preference setting in the oven
Because convection baking generally cooks food faster
than normal baking, food items should be checked for
doneness before the suggested normal recipe cook times.
To set convection convert:
1. The oven temperature selector must be in the OFF
2. Turn the oven mode selector to CONV BAKE.
3. Press and hold both the oven light key and the clock
key for about 3 seconds until Aut° (automatic convec-
tion convert) appears in the display.
Figure 13: Convection convert off (L) and on (R)
4. Press either the
5. Turn the oven mode selector to the OFF position. The
oven will accept the convection convert setting with an
acceptance chime and the control will return to display
the time of day. The convection bake function will now
automatically convert normal baking temperatures for
convection baking.
To change back to regular convection baking, repeat the
same steps in this process and press the + or - key until
OFF appears. Once the control accepts the change with a
chime, turn the oven mode selector to OFF.
key until On appears.

Setting Convection Roast

Convection roast is best for cooking tender cuts of beef,
lamb, pork, and poultry. Use this mode when cooking speed
is desired. Convection roasting gently browns the exterior
and seals in the juices. Convection roasting uses the bake
element, convection element, broil element, and fan to
circulate the heat evenly and continuously within the oven.
Convection roasting tips:
Use a broiler pan and grid, as well as a roasting rack
(available by mail order). The broiler pan will catch
grease drippings, and the grid will help prevent spatters.
The roasting rack will hold the meat. Make sure the
roasting rack is securely seated on the grid in the broiler
pan. Do not use the broiler pan without the grid or cover
the grid with aluminum foil.
Pull the rack out to the stop position before removing
food. Position food (fat side up) on the roasting rack.
Do not open the oven door often. Doing so will reduce
the temperature in the oven and may increase the
cooking time necessary for best results.
It is not recommended to roast chicken on a roasting
rack. Use a deep pan and place on rack position 1
(offset rack).

To set oven for convection roasting

1. Place meat on roasting rack and place in oven.
2. Turn oven mode selector to CONV ROAST.
3. Turn oven temperature selector to desired roasting
4. Once the control accepts the setting, the convection fan
turns on and the oven will heat to the set temperature.
5. To cancel convection roast at any time, turn both the
temperature control and the oven mode control to the
OFF position.
Note: Preheating the oven for convection roasting is not
necessary. At this time you may want to set TIMER as a
reminder for checking food.

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