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Frigidaire FPEW3077RF Use And Care Manual page 10

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Setting the Clock
The clock icon is used to access the time of day setting.
When the oven is first plugged in or if there has been an
interruption in power to the oven, 12:00 will flash in the
To set the correct time of day:
1. Press the clock icon.
2. The display will show a time along with a
in the display below.
3. Press either
day and release the key.
4. The control will accept the new set time with a chime,
and the control will show the time of day along with the
two timers that are available.
The clock cannot be changed when the oven is set for
cooking or self clean is active. Only a 12 hour clock is
available on the Frigidaire Professional model.
Oven Light
The oven light will turn on automatically when the oven door
is opened. The oven light may be turned on when the door
is closed by using the oven light key located on the control
Note: Keep oven light off while baking. The oven light will
turn off during a clean cycle and not operate.
To toggle the oven lights on and off:
1. Press oven light symbol
The interior oven light is covered with a glass shield. The
glass shield must be in place whenever the oven is in use.
To change the interior oven lights, see
in the Care & Cleaning section.
and a
key to scroll to the correct time of
""Replacing the Oven
Setting the Timer
The minute timers in the oven display serve as extra timers
to help keep track of cooking functions. The timer cannot be
used during a self clean cycle or if the meat probe function
associated with the timer display is in use. The minimum
timer setting is 1 minute and the maximum setting is 11:59
To set the timer:
1. Press either TIMER key.
2. The timer display will show
on either side of the time display. NOTE: If the
pressed at this time an invalid key chime will sound.
3. Press the
If the
key is held, the timer value will increase rapidly.
Once the desired setting is reached, release the key
and the timer will start counting down automatically after
a short time-out.
4. The timer display will show the H:M icon if the timer is
set for more than 1 minute. If the value is under 1
minute, the timer will display the time in seconds and
the H:M icon will not appear.
5. When the timer ends, a reminder chime will sound and
repeat once every 60 seconds for a period of five
minutes. Before the user can program an expired timer
again, the timer key must be pressed.
6. To cancel the timer before the set time expires, press
the TIMER key.
The minute timers will not start or stop the cooking
process. The minute timers can be used alone or while
using most of the other oven features.
and the
key to begin to scroll to the desired setting.
key is

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