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Error Messages - Sony STR-DH770 Operating Instructions Manual

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The home menu does not appear on the TV
The home menu can only be used when
you connect the TV to the HDMI TV OUT
Press HOME to display the home menu.
Check that the TV is connected correctly.
The home menu may take some time to
appear on the TV screen depending on the
No sound or only a very low level of sound is
heard, no matter which device is selected.
Check that all connecting cables are
inserted to their input/output jacks on the
receiver, speakers and the devices.
Check that the receiver and all devices are
turned on.
Check that MASTER VOLUME on the receiver
is not set to "VOL MIN".
Check that SPEAKERS on the receiver is not
set to "SPK OFF" (page 29).
Check that headphones are not connected
to the receiver.
Press  to cancel the muting function.
Try pressing the input button on the remote
control or turning INPUT SELECTOR on the
receiver to select the device of your choice.
If you want to listen to sound from the TV
speaker, set "AUDIO OUT" to "TV + AMP" in
the "<HDMI>" menu. If you cannot play
multi-channel audio source, set to "AMP".
However, the sound will not be output
through the TV speaker.
Sound may be interrupted when the
sampling frequency, number of channels or
audio format of audio output signals from
the playback device is switched.
There is no sound from the TV via the HDMI
TV OUT (ARC) jack when using the Audio
Return Channel function.
Set "CTRL HDMI" to "CTRL ON" in the
"<HDMI>" menu.
Make sure that your TV is compatible with
the Audio Return Channel function.
Make sure that the HDMI cable is connected
to a jack on your TV that is compatible with
the Audio Return Channel function.
The surround effect cannot be obtained.
Make sure you have selected a sound field
for "MOVIE" or "MUSIC" (page 32).
"NEO6.CINEMA", and "NEO6.MUSIC" do not
work when the speaker pattern is set to
"2/0" or "2/0.1" (page 14).

Error messages

The receiver will automatically turn off after a
few seconds. Check the followings:
There may be an electrical surge or power
failure. Unplug the AC power cord (mains
lead) and then plug in the cord again after
30 minutes.
The receiver is covered and the ventilation
holes are blocked. Remove the object
covering the ventilation holes of the
The impedance of the connected speakers
is below the rated impedance range
indicated on the back panel of the receiver.
Reduce the volume level.
Unplug the AC power cord (mains lead) and
let the receiver cool down for 30 minutes
while performing the following
 Disconnect all of the speakers and
 Check that the speaker wires are tightly
twisted on both ends.
 Connect the front speaker first, increase
the volume level and operate the receiver
for at least 30 minutes until it completely
warms up. Then, connect each additional
speaker one by one and test each
additional speaker until you detect which
speaker is causing the protection error.
After checking the above items and fixing
any problems, plug in the AC power cord
(mains lead) and turn on the receiver. If the
problem persists, consult your nearest Sony


Table of Contents

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