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Error Displays/messages - Sony XAV-62BT Operating Instructions Manual

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Table of Contents
The volume of the connected Bluetooth device
is low or high.
Volume level will differ depending on the Bluetooth
t Reduce the volume level differences between this
unit and the Bluetooth device (page 41).
No sound is output during audio streaming.
The connected Bluetooth device is paused.
t Cancel pause of the Bluetooth device.
The sound skips during audio streaming.
• Reduce the distance between the unit and the
Bluetooth device.
• If the Bluetooth device is stored in a case which
interrupts the signal, remove the case while using the
• Several Bluetooth devices or other devices which
emit radio waves are used nearby.
t Turn off the other devices.
t Increase the distance from the other devices.
• The playback sound stops momentarily when this
unit is connecting to a cellular phone. This is not a
You cannot control the connected Bluetooth
device during audio streaming.
Check that the connected Bluetooth device supports
Some functions do not work.
Check that the connecting device supports the
functions in question.
The name of the other party does not appear
when a call is received.
• The other party is not stored in the phonebook.
t Add the other party to the phonebook (page 38).
• The calling phone is not set to send the phone
A call is answered unintentionally.
• The connecting phone is set to start a call
• "Auto Answer" of this unit is set to "Short" or
"Long" (page 42).
Pairing failed due to time out.
Depending on the connecting device, the time limit for
pairing may be short. Try completing the pairing
within the time by setting a single digit passkey.
The Bluetooth function cannot be operated.
Exit the source by pressing and holding
(SOURCE/OFF) for 1 second, then turn on the unit.
No sound is output from the car speakers
during a handsfree call.
If the sound is output from the cellular phone, set the
cellular phone to output the sound from the car

Error displays/messages

Bluetooth device is not found.
The unit cannot detect a connectable Bluetooth device.
t Check the Bluetooth setting of the connecting
Busy now... Please try again.
The unit is busy.
t Wait for a moment and try again.
Cannot read.
• The unit cannot read the data due to some problem.
• The data is damaged or corrupted.
• The disc is corrupted.
• The disc is incompatible with this unit.
• The disc is not finalized.
Disc Error
• The disc is dirty or inserted upside down.
t Clean or insert the disc correctly.
• A blank disc has been inserted.
• The disc cannot play due to a problem.
t Insert another disc.
• The disc is not compatible with this unit.
t Insert a compatible disc.
• Press Z to remove the disc.
Disc Reading...
The unit is reading all file/album (folder) information
on the disc.
t Wait until reading is complete and playback starts
automatically. Depending on the disc structure, it
may take more than a minute.
For XAV-62BT and XAV-622
• The USB device was not automatically recognized.
t Reconnect it again.
For XAV-62BT only
• Phonebook content has changed during cellular
phone access.
t Access the phonebook again.
• Phonebook access was disconnected by the cellular
t Access the phonebook again.
• Phonebook download from the cellular phone failed
due to a problem.
t Download the phonebook again (page 38).
• Phonebook browsing from the cellular phone failed
due to a problem.
t Retry browsing (page 39).
• Phonebook listing from the cellular phone failed due
to a problem.
t Retry listing (page 39).
Error - Please select 'initialize' from the
Bluetooth settings menu.
A memory error has occurred.
t Initialize the Bluetooth setting (page 42).
Handsfree device is not available.
A cellular phone is not connected.
t Connect a cellular phone (page 35).
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Table of Contents

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