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Charging; Specifications; Safety Information; Technical Information - Philips HX6150 Service Manual

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Charging Your Sonicare
fully charge the battery.
Plug the charger into a live electrical outlet and place the handle
on the charger. The battery indicator light located in the power
on/off button flashes to indicate that the toothbrush is charging.
When the Sonicare is fully charge, the battery charge indicator
light will stop flashing
Deluxe recharge gauge
Indicates amount of charge left in battery
3 green LEDs: 75-100%
2 green LEDs: 50-74%
1 green LED: 25-49%
1 flashing yellow LED: less than 25%
If the battery charge of your Sonicare is low, you will hear 3
beeps at the end of the brushing cycle and the charge indicator
LED flashes yellow for 30 seconds.
When the handle is placed in the charger, the green charge
indicator LEDs will blink in the above patterns indicating the
level of charge.
4235-057-54241 _ 11-06-29
Note: It takes at least 24 hours to
HX6150, HX6902,HX6911, HX6912,
HX6930, HX6932, HX6952
Do not place brush head, the handle or the charger in the
dishwasher. Rinse the brush head and bristles after each use and
allow to air dry completely. Remove the brush head at least once a
week and clean the connection between the brush head and the
handle and allow to air dry completely. Do not use sharp objects
to press on the rubber seal at the top of the handle as
this may cause damage. Clean the rest of the handle periodically
with mild soap and a moist cloth. Unplug the charger before
cleaning and use a moist cloth to wipe the surface of the
If your toothpaste contains peroxide, baking soda or other
bicarbonate(common in whitening toothpastes), thoroughly clean
the brush head and the handle with soap and water after each use.
Otherwise the plastic may crack


- Consult your physician prior to using Sonicare if you have
medical concerns.
- Sonicare has been tested and is compliant with safety standards
for electromagnetic devices.
- Do not place or store the charger or sanitizer where it can fall or
be pulled into a bathtub, sink or toilet.
- Discontinue use of the sanitizer if the UV light bulb remains on
when the door is open. UV light can be harmful to the human
eye and skin. This device should be kept out of reach of
children at all times.
- The UV light bulb is hot during and immediately after the
sanitizing cycle. Do not touch the UV light when it is hot.
- DO NOT plug the charger into an outlet with incorrect voltage.
This product is designed to operate within a range of 100 to 240
volts. Voltage converters and plug adapters DO NOT guarantee
voltage compatibility. Never force the plug into an outlet.


Toothbrush Handle
- Voltage
: 4.05 Volts d.c. at full charge
- Power consumption
: 2 watts
- Charging time
: Empty-to-full: 24 hours
- Operating time
: Full-to-empty: 40 minutes
- Battery type
: Lithium Ion
Travel Charger
- Voltage / Frequency
: 100-240V, 50 - 60 Hz
- Power consumption
UV Sanitizer / Charger
- Voltage / Frequency
: 100-240V, 50 - 60 Hz
- Power consumption
: 1.0 watts @ 100V / 1.4 watts @
0.4 watts @ 100V / 1.4 watts @ 240V
240V (Charge Mode Only)
5.8 watts @ 100V / 6.5 watts @
240V (UV and Charge Mode)

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