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Sanitizing; Uv Light Bulb Replacement; Disassembly- And Re-Assembly Advise - Philips HX6150 Service Manual

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With the UV sanitizer you can clean your brush head after every
use. After brushing, rinse the brush head and shake off excess
water. To open the sanitizer door, press the door release button.
Place the brush head on one of the two pegs in the sanitizer so
that the bristles are directly facing the light bulb. Close the door
and press the green power on/off button once to start the UV
clean cycle. It runs for 10 minutes then automatically shuts off.
The sanitizer is in operation when the blue light glows through
the Philips logo and the UV clean LED flashes slowly.
Note: The sanitizer stops if the door is opened during operation.


UV light bulb replacement

1. Unplug sanitizer.
2. Slightly lift the drip tray and pull it out.
3. Remove the
protective screen by
gently lifting it up
and pull it out.
4. Remove light bulb
by grasping it and
pulling it out of the
metal clasp.
5. Align replacement light bulb with metal clasp and
push bulb into clasp then reinsert light bulb screen.
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HX6150, HX6902,HX6911, HX6912,
HX6930, HX6932, HX6952

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