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Before Using - Hitachi CC 14 Instruction Manual And Safety Instructions

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1. Make sure the power source is appropriate for the tool.
2. Make sure the trigger switch is turned OFF.
3. Check the cut-off wheel for visible defects.
Confirm that the cut-off wheel is free of cracks or other visible damages.
4. Confirm that the cut-off wheel is fixed securely to the power tool.
Using the supplied spanner, tighten the clamping bolt on the cut-off wheel mounting
shaft to secure the cut-off wheel.
5. Check the safety covers for proper operation.
Possible accidents such as a cracked out-off wheel is prevented by this safety cover
(wheel cover).
Although it has been fully clamped at the factory prior to delivery, securely reclamp the
mounting screws for safety.
Safety cover, wheel cover and sub cover are designed to protect the operator from
coming into contact with the cut off wheel during operation of the tool.
6. Use cut-off wheels whose peripheral speed ratings are over the maximum
working peripheral speed.
When replacing the cut-off wheel, ensure that the replacement cut-off wheel has a
designed peripheral speed in excess of 16000 ft/min (4800m/min).
7. Confirm the stopper position.
Confirm that the stopper which was used for installtion and removal of the cut-off wheel
has returned to the retract position.
8. Securely fix the cutting material.
Ensure that the material is securely fastened with the vise. If it is not, a serious accident
could be caused if the material comes loose or the cut-off wheel breaks during operation.
Never connect the power tool unless the available AC power source
is of the same voltage as that specified on the nameplate of the tool.
If the power cord is connected to the power source with the trigger
switch turned ON, the power tool will start suddenly and could
cause a serious accident.
When the clamping bolt is loose, the cut-off wheel may be damaged
when the wheel axle starts revolving, causing a hazardous condition.
NEVER OPERATE THE POWER TOOL if the safety covers do not
function smoothly.
Never use cut-off wheels whose peripheral speed ratings are under
the maximum working peripheral speed.