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Hitachi CC 14 Instruction Manual And Safety Instructions page 6

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12. Always make a trial run first, before attempting any new use of the tool.
13. Always use only the peripheral surface of the cut-off wheel.
14. Always handle the cut-off wheel with care, when dismounting and mounting it.
15. Always keep your hands out of the line of the cut-off wheel.
16. Always confirm that the safety cover are in the proper places, before using the tool.
17. Inspect the tool power cord periodically.
18. Always confirm that the proper lengths and types of extension cords are being utilized,
when if needed, before starting the tool.
19. Always confirm that the motor air vents are fully open, before using the tool.
20. Always wait until the motor has reached full speed, before starting a cut.
21. Always keep the handles dry, clean and free of oil and grease. Hold the tool firmly, when
in use.
22. Always fix the motor section using the chain when carrying about the tool.
23. Always keep the cut-off wheels in a dry place, as humidity affects the strength of the cut-
off wheels.
1. Never operate the POWER TOOL unless you fully understand the operating instructions
contained in this Manual.
2. Never leave the POWER TOOL, unattended, without first unplugging the power cord.
3. Never operate the POWER TOOL when you are tired, or after you have taken any
medications or have consumed any alcoholic beverages.
4. Never use the POWER TOOL for applications not specified in the Instruction Manual.
5. Never operate the tool while wearing loose clothing, a necktie or jewelry, or while your
hair is uncovered, to protect against getting caught in the moving machinery.
6. Never reach around or behind the cut-off wheel.
7. Never touch any moving parts, including the cut-off wheel, while the tool is in use.
8. Never remove any safety devices or wheel guards; use of the tool without them would
be hazardous.
9. Never lock the safety cover, (always confirm that it slides smoothly, before using the
10. Never abuse the power cord of the tool.
11. Never attempt to move a plugged-in POWER TOOL while your finger is on the starting
12. Never use the POWER TOOL if the starting switch doesn't turn on and off properly.
13. Never use the POWER TOOL if the plastic housing or the handle is cracked or deformed.
14. Never use the POWER TOOL near flammable liquids or gases, since sparking could cause
an explosion.
15. Never clean plastic components with solvents, since the plastic may dissolve.
16. Never operate the tool unless all of the wheel guards are in place.
17. Never allow the cut-off wheel to be struck against a hard object, as it might get cracked.
18. Never twist the cut-off wheel during cutting operation.
19. Never expose hands, feet and fragile things to the grinding sparks, as the grinding sparks
may harm them.
20. Never use the lateral side of the cut-off wheel.