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Maintenance And Inspection - Hitachi CC 14 Instruction Manual And Safety Instructions

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1. Replacing a cut-off wheel.
When the cut-off wheel has already become dull by frequent use, it can cause overload
to the motor.
Consequently, re-dress or replace a dull cut-off wheel to ensure cut-off efficiency.
2. Inspecting the carbon brushes (Fig. 13 and 14).
The carbon brushes in the motor are expendable parts.
If the brushes become excessively worn, motor trouble might occur.
Therefore, inspect the brushes periodically, and replace them when they have become
worn to the wear limit line, as shown in Fig. 13.
Also, keep the carbon brushes clean be so that they will slide smoothly within the brush
holders. The carbon brushes can easily be removed after disassembling the brush caps
(see Fig. 14) with a slotted (minus) screwdriver.
Indicates the last two number of
carbon brush
Code No.
5/8" (16 mm)
3. Inspecting the mounting screws.
Regularly inspect each component of the power tool for looseness.
Re-tighten mounting screws on any loose part.
4. Inspecting the safety cover for condition and proper operation.
Before each use of the tool, test the safety cover (see Fig. 1) to assure that it is in good
condition and that it moves smoothly.
Never use the tool unless the safety cover operates properly, and unless it is in good
mechanical condition.
5. Storage.
Confirm that the trigger switch is turned OFF, that the power plug has been removed from
the receptacle and that the lock-off button has been removed and has been stored in a
secure place, after operation of the tool has been completed.
When the tool is not in use, keep it stored in a dry place out of the reach of children.
Always confirm that the trigger switch is turned OFF and that the power
plug has been disconnected from the receptacle before performing any
maintenance or inspection of this tool, to avoid accidental injury.
81Z for 110 V – 120 V
82Z for 220 V – 240 V
Wear Limit
1/4" (6 mm)
Fig. 13
Never operate the power tool if any components are loose, to
prevent personal injury.
Brush Cap
Fig. 14