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Matrix Calculations - Canon X Mark I Pro User Instruction

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Matrix Calculations

Before starting matrix calculations, you have to create one
matrix or a maximum of four matrices named A, B, C and D at
one time. The matrix dimension can be up to 4x4.
The matrix calculation results are stored into the MatAns
memory automatically. You can use the matrix MatAns
memory for any subsequent matrix calculations.
Creating a Matrix
to enter Matrix mode.
to use the MATX application; press
for next / previous pages.
[1] Dim
Specify the Matrix Name A to D, and specify the
dimension (up to 4 x 4)
[2] Data
Specify the matrix A-D for editing and corresponding
matrix element
[3] MatA to MatD
Select matrix A to D
[4] MatAns
Calculation Answer of Matrix & Store into MatAns
[5] Det
Determinate function of Matrix A-D
[6] Trn
Transposed data in Matrix A-D
[7] Ide
Identity of matrix
[8] Adj
Adjoint to Matrix
[9] Inv
Inverse of Matrix
to exit the matrix creating screen.
Press [
or [
] key
Editing Matrix Data
(Data), then specify the matrix A, B, C or
D for editing and the corresponding matrix element indicator
will be displayed.
Input the new value and press
to exit the matrix editing screen.
Matrix Addition, Subtraction and Multiplication
1 2 3
Example: MatA =
4 5 6
7 8 9
EX #50
! Matrices which will be added, subtracted or multiplied must be the
same size. An error occurs if you try to add, subtract or multiply
matrices whose dimensions are different from each other. For
example, you cannot add or subtract a 2 x 3 to a 2 x 2 matrix.
Obtain the Scalar Product of a Matrix
Each position in the matrix is multiplied by a single value, resulting in a
matrix of the same size.
Example: Multiple Matrix C =
EX #51
Obtain the Determinant of a Matrix
Example: Obtain the determinant of Matrix C =
<Result: - 471>
EX #52
! An error occurs if you obtain the determinant of a non-square matrix.
to confirm the edit.
9 8 7
, MatB =
6 5 4
, MatA x MatB=?
3 2 1
3 -2
6 - 4
by 2
10 -5
7 -3



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