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Inputting Expressions And Values; Input Capacity; Input Editing; Inputting And Display Result In Mathematics Mode - Canon X Mark I Pro User Instruction

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Inputting Expressions and Values

Input Capacity

X Mark I Pro allows you to input a single calculation with up to 99
bytes. When input capacity is less than 10bytes, the input cursor
will change from "
" to "
" signaling that the memory is running

Input Editing

New Input begins on the left of display. When the input data is more
than 15 characters (Line Mode) / 16 characters (Maths mode), the
line will scroll to the right consecutively. You can scroll back to the left
by using
to review the input.
Omit the multiplication sign and final close parenthesis.
Example: 2 x log 100 x (1+3) = 16 .......
*1. Omit multiplication sign (x)
- Input before an open parentheses
- Input before scientific functions that includes parenthesis: 2 x
- Input before Random number function
- Input before Variable (A, B, C, D, X, Y, M), π, θ
*2. Scientific functions come with the open parenthesis. Example: sin(,
cos(, Pol(, LCM(.... You need to input the argument and the close
*3. Omit the last close parenthesis before the
EX #1
: 1 x (2+3)
Insert and Overwrite Input mode
In Line mode, you can use INSERT
- In Insert mode (Default input mode), the cursor is a vertical
flashing line " " for inserting a new character.
- In Overwrite mode, press
to a flashing horizontal " _ " and replace the character at the
current cursor position.
In Mathematics mode, you can only use the insert mode.
Whenever the display format changes from Line mode to
Mathematics mode, it will automatically switch to the insert mode.
Deleting and Correcting an Expression
In Insert mode: Move the cursor to the right of the character or
function that needs to be deleted, then press
In Overwrite mode: Move the cursor under the character or
function being deleted, then press
Example: 1234567 + 889900
(1) Replace an entry (1234567
(2) Deletion (1234567
(3) Insertion (889900
2889900) .......

Inputting and Display Result in Mathematics Mode

In Mathematic Mode, the Input and display result of fraction or
certain functions (log, x
shown in Handwriting/Mathematics format.
EX #5
or overwrite mode for
key to switch the cursor
EX #2
1234560) ......
EX #3
EX #4
, x ,
, x
10 , e , Abs) is



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