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Base-N Calculations And Logical Calculations; Statistical Calculations - Canon X Mark I Pro User Instruction

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to enter CPLX mode.
to select the calculation type.
Complex Number type selection
Thre are 6 types of complex number calculations in the Complex
Number Type screen. Press the number to select the type of Complex
Number Calculation.
Check the current angle unit setting (Deg, Rad, Grad).
[ ] indicates the display result is the imaginary number,
] indicates the display value is the argument value .
Imaginary numbers will use up replay memory capacity.
Rectangular Form and Polar Form Conversion
can convert rectangular form complex numbers into
polar form; whereas press
number into rectangular form. ......
Absolute Value and Argument Calculation
With the rectangular form complex number, you can calculate the
corresponding absolute value (r) or argument ( ) by pressing
respectively. ......
EX #35
Conjugate of a complex number
If the complex number is z = a + bi, the conjugate value of this
complex number should be z = a – bi. ......
Determine the Real/Imaginary of complex number
EX #37
will convert polar form complex
EX #34
EX #36

Base-n Calculations and Logical Calculations

Decimal (base 10), hexadecimal (base 16), binary (base 2),
octal (base 8), or logical calculations.
To select a specific number system in base mode, simply press
Decimal [DEC],
[BIN] or
Octal [OCT].
key to perform logical calculations including: Logic
connection [and] / [or], exclusive or [Xor], exclusive nor [Xnor],
argument complement [Not] and negation [Neg].
If the binary or octal calculation result is more than 8 digits,
[1b] / [1c] will be displayed to indicate the result has a next
block. Press
In Base-n mode all the scientific functions cannot be used, and
you cannot input the value with decimal places or exponents.
EX #38
Base-n Transformation
Logical Operation ......

Statistical Calculations

"STAT" indicator lights up.
to enter Base-n mode.
Hexadecimal [HEX],
to loop between result blocks.
EX #40
to enter Statistical calculation mode; the
(Type) to select the calculation type.
EX #39



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