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Input Range And Error Messages; Order Of Operations; Calculation Stacks; Error Messages And Error Locator - Canon X Mark I Pro User Instruction

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(1) Some input expressions cause the height of a calculation
expression to be greater than one display screen. Maximum
input capacity: 2 display screens (31 dots x 2).
(2) Calculator memory limits how many functions or
parentheses can be input in any single expression. In this
case, divide the expression into multiple parts and calculate
(3) If part of the expression you input is cut off after calculation
and in the result display screen, you can press
to view the full expression.

Input Range and Error Messages

Calculation Precision, Input Range please refer to ...
• Errors are cumulative in the case of consecutive
calculations, this is also true as internal consecutive
calculation are performed in the case of ^(x y ), x √y, 3 √, x!,
nPr, nCr , etc. and may become large.
Display of results using
Calculation results may be displayed using
following cases:
1. When intermediate and final calculation results are displayed
in the following form:
2. When the number of terms in the intermediate and final
calculation result is one or two.

Order of Operations

This calculator will automatically determine the operation
priority of each individual command as
EX #6
when in all of the
EX #7

Calculation Stacks

This calculator uses memory areas, called "stacks", to
temporarily store numeric value (numbers) commands (+, –,
x...) and functions according to their precedence during
The numeric stack has 10 levels and command stack has 128
levels. A stack error [Stack ERROR] occurs whenever you try
to perform a calculation that exceeds the capacity of stacks.
Calculations are performed in sequence according to "Order
of Operations". After the calculation is performed, the stored
stack values will be released.

Error Messages and Error locator

The calculator is locked up while an error message is shown
on the display to indicate the cause of the error.
to clear the error message, then return to the initial
display of latest mode.
to display input expression with the cursor
positioned next to the error.
to clear the error message, replay memory
history and return to the initial display of the latest mode.



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