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Canon F-789SGA User Instructions

Scientific calculator
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  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Display .......................P.2 Getting Started Power On, Off ...................P.3 Display Contrast Adjustment ..............P.3 Mode Selection ..................P.3-4 Application Function Menu (Apps Key) ..........P.4-5 Calculator Set-up Menu ................ P.5-7 Before Using the Calculator ..............P.7 Inputting Expressions and Values Input Capacity ...................P.8 Input Editing..................
  • Page 3: Display

    How to Use the Slide Cover Open or close the cover by sliding as shown in the figure. Display <Status Indicators> : Shift key : Alpha key : Independent Memory : Store Memory : Recall Memory STAT : 1-Var & 2-Var Statistics Mode CPLX : Complex Number Calculation Mode MATX...
  • Page 4: Getting Started

    Getting Started Power On, Off First time operation: 1. Remove the battery insulation tab to load the battery. 2. Press to initialize the calculator. Power ON: When is pressed. Power OFF: are pressed. Auto Power off Function: When the calculator is not used for approximately 7 minutes, it will automatically power off.
  • Page 5: Application Function Menu (Apps Key)

    Operation Mode Indicator COMP Normal calculations CPLX Complex number calculation CPLX Statistical and regression STAT STAT calculations Calculations involving specific BASE number systems Equation solution TABLE Function table generation MATX Matrix calculations MATX VCTR Vector calculations VCTR The default mode is COMP mode. Apps Application Function Menu (Apps Key) The Apps menu contains mathematical functions.
  • Page 6: Calculator Set-Up Menu

    v) EQN Mode Press [ or [ ] key vi) MATX Mode Press [ or [ ] key vii) VCTR Mode Apps Apps Press to exit the Apps menu. Calculator Set-up Menu Press to enter the Calculator Set-up Menu; press for next / previous page.
  • Page 7 To select the angle unit [3] Deg, [4] Rad or [5] Gra [3] Deg: Angle unit in Degree [4] Rad: Angle unit in Radian [5] Gra: Angle unit in Gradient 90º = radians = 100grads To select display digit or notation [6] Fix, [7] Sci or [8] Norm [6] Fix: Fixed Decimal, [Fix 0~9?] appears, specify the number of decimal places by pressing [0] –...
  • Page 8: Before Using The Calculator

    To select the statistical display format [4] STAT ([1] ON or [2] OFF) [1] ON: Show FREQ (Frequency) Column in Statistical Data Input Screen [2] OFF: Hide FREQ (Frequency) Column in Statistical Data Input Screen To select the decimal point display format [5] Disp ([1] Dot or [2] Comma) [1] Dot: specify dot format for Decimal point result display [2] Comma: specify comma format for Decimal point...
  • Page 9: Inputting Expressions And Values

    Inputting Expressions and Values Input Capacity F-789SGA allows you to input a single calculation with up to 99 bytes. Normally, one byte is used each time you press one of the numeric keys, arithmetic keys, scientific function keys or . Some functions require 4 – 13bytes.
  • Page 10 *2. Scientific functions come with the open parenthesis. Example: sin(, cos(, Pol(, LCM(…. You need to input the argument and the close parenthesis *3. Omit the last close parenthesis before the Insert and Overwrite Input mode In Line mode, you can use INSERT or overwrite mode for inputting.
  • Page 11: Inputting And Display Result In Mathematics Mode

    (3) Insertion (889900 2889900) Line/Maths mode - 6times 1234567+|889900 Insert mode 1234567+2|889900 Inputting and Display Result in Mathematics Mode In Mathematic Mode, the input and display result of fraction or certain functions (log, x , x , 10 , e , Abs) is shown in Handwriting/Mathematics format.
  • Page 12 Function Calculation Input Ranges Functions Input Range |x| <9×10 sinx |x| <157 079 632.7 |x| <1x10 |x| <9×10 cosx |x| <157 079 632.7 |x| <1x10 Same as sinx, except when |x| =(2n-1)×90 tanx Same as sinx, except when |x| =(2n-1)× /2 Same as sinx, except when |x| =(2n-1)×100 9.999 999 999x10 sinhx...
  • Page 13 Functions Input Range |x|,|y| 9.999 999 999x10 Pol(x,y) 9.999 999 999x10 9.999 999 999x10 Rec(r, ) : Same as sinx |a|,b,c <1x10 °′ ″ The display seconds value is subject to an error of +/-1 at the second decimal place |x|<1x10 Deciaml Sexagesimal Conversions...
  • Page 14 Functions Input Range 0<|x,y| 9.999999999x10 Mod(x,y) Default result=x when y=0 |x|<1x10 Single-variable |FREQ| <1x10 |x|<1x10 |y|<1x10 Paired-variable |FREQ| <1x10 |x|<1x10 9999999999 (positive integers) Pfact Positive: 0~0111 1111 1111 1111 1111 1111 1111 1111 Negative: 1000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000~ 1111 1111 1111 1111 1111 1111 1111 1111 Positive: 0~2147483647 Negative: -2147483648~-1...
  • Page 15: Order Of Operations

    Order of Operations This calculator will automatically determine the operation priority of each individual command as follows:- 1st Priority Recall memory (A, B, C, D, E, F, 0-9), Rand Calculation within parentheses ( ). Function with parenthesis that request the input argument to the right Pol(, Rec(, d/dx, dx, P(, Q(, R(, Det(, Trn(, Ide(, Adj(, Inv(, Arg(, Conjg(, Real(, Imag(, sin(, cos(, tan(, sin...
  • Page 16: Calculation Stacks

    In the same precedence level, calculations are performed from left to right. Operations enclosed within parentheses are performed first. When a calculation contains an argument that is a negative number, the negative number must be enclosed within the parentheses. Example: –2 = –4 (–2)
  • Page 17: Integration Calculations

    Error Message Cause Action Math ERROR • The intermediate or final • Check the input values and result is outside the make sure they are all allowable calculation range. within the allowable • An attempt to perform a ranges, Pay special calculation using a value attention to values in any that exceeds the allowable...
  • Page 18: Basic Calculations

    Basic Calculations Press to enter COMP mode. As the calculation is busy processing, the calculator shows the message [PROCESSING] (without any calculation result). Press key to interrupt the calculating operation. Arithmetic Calculations • To calculate the negative values (exclude the negative exponent) enclose then within the parentheses.
  • Page 19: Answer Memory

    Example: 23 + 7 A (30 store into A), calculate 2 sinA and clear memory A. MATHEMATICS MODE: Example Key in operation Display 23 + 7 23+7 2 x sin A = 1 2sin(A Clear memory Independent Memory • Independent memory uses the same memory area as variable M.
  • Page 20: Fraction Calculations

    Fraction Calculations The calculator supports Fraction calculation and the conversions between Fraction, Decimal point, Mixed fraction and Improper fraction. • Specify the fraction calculation result display format by selecting either mixed fraction ( ) or improper fraction ) in set-up menu. •...
  • Page 21: Display Values Exchange

    Display Values Exchange In Maths mode, press to change the calculation result value between fraction form Decimal form, form Decimal form, √ form Decimal form. to ONLY change the calculation In Line mode, press result value between fraction form Decimal form, the other and √...
  • Page 22: Percentage Calculations

    Percentage Calculations MATHEMATICS MODE: Example Key in operation Display To calculate 25% of 820x25% The percentage of 750÷1250% 750 against 1250 Degree-Minutes-Seconds Calculations Use the degrees (hours), minutes and seconds key to perform a sexagesimal (base-60 notational system) calculation or convert the sexagesimal value into decimal value.
  • Page 23: Replay & Multi-Statements

    Replay & Multi-statements Replay Memory Function • Replay memory is only available in COMP mode. • After the calculation is executed, the calculation input and result will be stored in the replay memory automatically. • Pressing ) can replay the performed calculation input and result history.
  • Page 24: Constant Value Calculations

    Constant Value Calculations F-789SGA has total of 79 built-in constant values, you can enter (or exit) the constant value selection menu by pressing the following display will be shown: Input 1 79 µ • You can go to the next or previous value selection pages by pressing •...
  • Page 25 Constant Table Constant Symbol Value Unit 1.672621777x10 1.674927351 x10 9.10938291x10 1.883531475x10 0.52917721092x10 6.62606957 x10 5.05078353 x10 927.400968 x10 1.054571726 x10 7.2973525698x10 2.8179403267x10 2.4263102389 x10 2.675222005 x10 1.32140985623 x10 1.3195909068x10 10973731.568539 1.660538921 x10 1.410606743x10 -928.476430x10 -0.96623647 x10 -4.49044807 x10 96485.3365 1.602176565x10 6.02214129x10 1.3806488 x10 22.413968 x10...
  • Page 26 Constant Symbol Value Unit 5.670373x10 8.854187817 x10 12.566370614x10 2.067833758 x10 9.80665 7.7480917346x10 376.730313461 273.15 6.67384 x10 101325 5.585694713 0.21001941568x10 1.616199x10 5.39106x10 2.17651 x10 1.660538921 x10 1.602176565x10 3.9903127176x10 2.8977721 x10 543.1020504 x 10 4.35974434 x10 2.6867805 x10 12906.4037217 483597.870 x10 25812.8074434 386.15926800x10 0.6652458734 x10 1.15965218076 x10...
  • Page 27 Constant Symbol Value Unit 11.73444103x10 1.867594294x10 0.697787 x10 0.111056 x10 3.16747 x10 0.21030891047 x10 1.410570499 x10 -3.82608545 1.83247179 x10 3.34358348 x10 0.433073489 x10 5.00641234 x10 -1.074553044 x10 2.037894659 x10 6.64465675 x10 2.675153268 x10 25.694 x10 ! Constant values cannot perform rounding. Source: CODATA Internationally 2010
  • Page 28: Metric Conversions

    Metric Conversions The calculator has 172 conversion pairs which allows you to convert a number to and from the specified metric units. • Press enter the conversion menu. • There are 8 category pages (distance, area, temperature, capacity, weight, energy, pressure and speed) containing 36 metric symbols, you can press to change the category selection page.
  • Page 29: Functional Scientific Calculations

    • Go back to the calculation mode by pressing within the category selection menu. After the base conversion unit, keys will be invalid. • If the converted result overflows, [ERROR] will be shown in the lower display. Press to select the overflow value; the following scenarios are valid: Scenario A - Keep selecting the other conversion value by pressing...
  • Page 30: Logarithm, Natural Logarithm, Antilogarithm And Log A B

    Logarithm, Natural Logarithm, Antilogarithm and Log a b MATHEMATICS MODE: Example Key in operation Display + 10 + In3 = 16.99733128 16.99733128 81 – log1 = 4 Angle Unit Conversion The default calculator angle unit setting is “Degree”. Press to enter the setup menu to change the unit to “Radian” or “Gradient”,: Press the corresponding number key for the angle unit you need.
  • Page 31: Trigonometry Calculations

    Trigonometry Calculations Before using the trigonometric functions (except hyperbolic calculations), select the appropriate angle unit (Deg/Rad/Gra) by pressing Angle Unit Input Value Range Angle Value Input Setting form result Units of 15º Multiples of radians Multiples of grads 90º = Radians = 100 Gradients.
  • Page 32: Permutation, Combination, Factorials And Random Number Generation

    Permutation, Combination, Factorials and Random Number Generation Permutation: Combination: Factorial : Key in operation Display Example = 720 10P3 = 10 5! = 120 Random Number Generation : Generate a random number between 0.000 and 0.999. The display result will be in fraction format in Maths mode.
  • Page 33: Maximum Value And Minimum Value Calculation

    Apps (x + 1) Apps Maximum Value and Minimum Value Calculation Apps To calculate Maximum Max(3, sin(30), C value of 3, sin30 and cos30 Apps Min(3, sin(30), C To calculate Minimum value of 3, sin30 and cos30...
  • Page 34: Modulus After Division (Mod) Calculations

    Modulus After Division (Mod) Calculation Apps Mod(23, 5 Mod(-23, 5 Apps Least Common Multiple and Greatest Common Divisor LCM: Calculate the least common multiple among (maximum) three positive integers. GCD: Calculate the greatest common divisor among (maximum) three positive integers. MATHEMATICS MODE: Example Key in operation...
  • Page 35: Prime Factorization

    Prime Factorization • Factor a positive integer of up to 10 digits into prime factors of up to 3 digits. Ptact Number : 0 < X < 99999 99999 (X is integer) • The reminder that cannot be factored will be enclosed in parentheses on the display.
  • Page 36: Quotient And Remainder Calculations

    Quotient and Remainder Calculations “Quotient” (Q) is the result in a division problem, “Remainder” (r) is the value remaining in an integer division problem. The calculated quotient value (Q) and remainder (r) will be stored into memory variables “C” and “D”, automatically assigned.
  • Page 37: Absolute Value Calculation

    : Convert rectangular coordinates (x, y) to polar coordinates (r, θ); Press for r, or for θ. MATHEMATICS MODE: Example Key in operation Display Pol(1, √3 With rectangular coordinate (x=1, y= √3). Find Polar r=2, θ=60 coordinate (r, θ) at degree mode : Convert polar coordinates (r, θ) to rectangular coordinates (x, y);...
  • Page 38: Complex Number Calculations

    Complex Number Calculations Complex numbers can be expressed in rectangular form (z = a + bi) or polar form (r ). Where " a " is the real number, " bi " is the imaginary number (and i is the imaginary unit equal to the square root of –1, ), "...
  • Page 39 Absolute Value and Argument Calculation With the rectangular form complex number, you can calculate the corresponding absolute value (r) or argument ( ) by pressing respectively. Apps LINE MODE: Example Key in operation Display Absolute value (r) Abs (6+8 ) and argument ( ) if complex number is Apps...
  • Page 40: Base-N Calculations And Logical Calculations

    Base-n Calculations and Logical Calculations Press to enter Base-n mode. MODE Decimal (base 10), hexadecimal (base 16), binary (base 2), octal (base 8), or logical calculations. To select a specific number system in base mode, simply press Decimal [DEC], Hexadecimal [HEX], Binary [BIN] or Octal [OCT].
  • Page 41: Statistical Calculations

    Logical Operation MATHEMATICS MODE: Example Key in operation Display 789ABC Xnor 789ABC nor147258 147258 Apps FF93171B Apps Ans or 789ABC Ansor789ABC FFFB9FBF Apps Neg 789ABC Neg(789ABC FF876544 Statistical Calculations Press to enter Statistical calculation mode: the “STAT” indicator will light up. Apps Press (Type) to select the calculation type.
  • Page 42: Statistical Data Input

    Statistical Data Input After confirming the calculation type in the Statistical Type Apps Selection screen or by pressing (Data) in the STAT mode, the following Statistical Data Input screen will be shown: 1-variable STAT 1-variable STAT 2-variable STAT ”FREQ ON” •...
  • Page 43: Statistical Calculation Screen

    Statistical Calculation Screen After inputting the STAT Data, press to enter the Statistical Calculation screen. Statistical Calculation screen is in Line mode for input & output display Use the Statistical Menu to calculate the Statistical result. (S-SUM, S-VAR, S-PTS, Reg). Statistical Menu In the Statistical Data Input screen or Statistical Apps...
  • Page 45: Statistical Calculation Example

    Statistical Calculation Example SD Type Statistical Calculation Example: To calculate ∑x , ∑x, n, x, x , minX, maxX of data: 75, 85, 90, 77, 79 in SD mode (Freq: OFF) Key in operation Display (SD) ∑x Apps 33120 ∑x Apps Apps Apps...
  • Page 46: Distribution Calculations

    Please use regression to estimate the effectiveness (estimate the value of y) if the advertisement expenses X=30, also estimate the advertisement expenses level (estimate the value of X ) if the effectiveness is y = 50. Key in operation Display (Quad) Apps 48.69615715...
  • Page 47: Distribution Calculations

    Press to display the distribution calculations screen. Apps 1: P( 2: Q( 3: R( Press for the corresponding calculations. P(t): Probability below a P(t) given point x 1 t – u – ( P(t)= dt , Q(t): Probability below a Q(t) given point x and above the mean...
  • Page 48: Equation Calculations

    Equation Calculations Press to enter the equation mode; press for next / previous pages. Press [ or [ ] key Equation Item Description [1] 2 unknow EQN Simultaneous Linear Equations with two unknowns [2] 3 unknow EQN Simultaneous Linear Equations with three unknowns [3] 4 unknow EQN Simultaneous Linear Equations with four unknowns [4] Quad EQN...
  • Page 49 Example: Solve the simultaneous equation with three unknowns: 2x + 4y – 4z = 20 2x – 2y + 4z = 8 5x – 2y – 2z = 20 Key in operation Display (3 unknowns)
  • Page 50: Quadratic, Cubic And Quart Equations

    Quadratic, Cubic and Quart Equations Quadratic equation : ax + bx + c = 0 (a second-order polynomial equation with a single variable x) Cubic equation : ax + bx + cx + d = 0 (an equation with cubic polynomial) Quart equation : ax...
  • Page 51: Calc Function

    Radius is 5cm, cone height is 20cm, calculate the cone volume. LINE MODE: Key in operation Display (COMP MODE) X=(1 3) B (radius is B=5cm) (height is C=2cm) Solve for X (Calculate with new variables) X=(1 3) B 523.5987756 ! If the expression does not include the equal sign ( = ) when Solve calculation is performed, the calculator will transform the solution as zero ( 0 ).
  • Page 52: Differential Calculations

    Example: For the equation Y = 5x –2x +1, calculate the value of Y if x = 5 or x = 7. LINE MODE: Key in operation Display (COMP MODE) Y=5X –X+1 Y=5X –X+1 Y=5X –X+1 ! The stored expression will be cleared when you start a new calculation, change into another mode, or turn off the calculator.
  • Page 53: Integration Calculations

    ! You can leave out the x in the differential expression and the calculator will automatically substitute a value for ! The smaller the entered value x is, the the longer the calculation time will be with more accurate results, the larger the entered value x is, the shorter the calculation time will be with comparatively less accurate results.
  • Page 54: Matrix Calculations

    ! When performing integration calculations with trigonometric functions, select radian (Rad) as the angle unit setting. ! Log b, i~Rand, Rec ( and Pol ( functions can not join to integration calculations. Matrix Calculations Press to enter Matrix mode. Before starting matrix calculations, you have to create one matrix or a maximum of four matrices named A, B, C and D at one time.
  • Page 55 Editing Matrix Data Apps Press (Data), then specify the matrix A, B, C or D for editing and the corresponding matrix element indicator will be displayed. Input the new value and press to confirm the edit. Press to exit the matrix editing screen. Matrix Addition, Subtraction and Multiplication 1 2 3 9 8 7...
  • Page 56 Obtain the Scalar Product of a Matrix Each position in the matrix is multiplied by a single value, resulting in a matrix of the same size. 3 -2 6 - 4 Example: Multiple Matrix C = by 2 <Result: > Key in operation Display Apps...
  • Page 57 Transpose a Matrix 9 6 8 Example: Transpose Matrix B = <Result: > 5 2 4 Key in operation Display Apps Apps Apps Identity of Matrix Example: Identity Matrix D Key in operation Display Apps...
  • Page 58 Adjoint of Matrix Example: Adjoint Matrix A < Result: > Key in operation Display Apps Apps Apps Invert a Matrix Example: Inverting Matrix C = 0.142857142 -0.047619047 <Result: > -0.071428571 0.19047619 Key in operation Display Apps Apps Apps...
  • Page 59: Vector Calculations

    Determine the Absolute Value of a Matrix Example: To determine the absolute value of the inverted Matrix C in the previous example. Key in operation Display Apps Vector Calculations Press to enter Vector mode. Before starting vector calculations, you have to create one or more vectors named A, B, C and D (maximum four vectors at one time).
  • Page 60 Editing Vector Elements Apps Press (data), then specify the matrix A, B, C or D for editing, and the corresponding vector element indicator will be displayed. Input the new value and press to confirm the edit. Press to exit the vector editing screen. Vector Addition and Subtraction Example: Vector A = (9,5), Vector B = (7,3), Vector A –...
  • Page 61 Obtain the Scalar Product of a Vector Each position in the vector is multiplied by a single value, resulting in a vector of the same size. s x VctA(a,b) = VctB(axs, bxs) Example: To Multiply Vector C = (4,5,-6) by 5 Key in operation Display Apps...
  • Page 62 Calculate the Outer Product of Two Vectors Example: Calculate the outer product of Vector A and Vector B. As Vector A = (4,5,-6) and Vector B = (-7,8,9). Key in operation Display Apps Apps Apps Apps ! An error occurs if you try to obtain an inner or outer product of two vectors whose dimensions are different from each other.
  • Page 63 Example : Based on Vector A=(-1, 0, 1) and Vector B=(1, 2, 0), determine the size of the angle (angle unit: Deg) and a unit 1 vector perpendicular to both A and B. cos = , whereas = cos Unit 1 vector perpendicular to both A and B= <...
  • Page 64: Function (X, Y) Table Calculation

    Function (x, y) Table Calculation Input f(x) function to generate the function table for x & f(x). Steps to generate a Number Table 1. Press to enter the Table function calculation. 2. Function Input screen • Input function with X variable ( ) to generate the Function Table Result.
  • Page 65: Battery Replacement

    Canon Business office. • Never dispose the calculator improperly such as burning; it can create risks of personal injury or harm. You are suggested to dispose this product according to your national law.
  • Page 66: Specifications

    Weight: 120g (with cover) / 88 g (without cover) * Specifications are subject to change without notice. CANON ELECTRONIC BUSINESS MACHINES (H.K.) CO., LTD. 17/F., Tower One, Ever Gain Plaza, 82-100 Container Port Road, Kwai Chung, New Territories, Hong Kong CANON MARKETING (MALAYSIA) SDN BHD.