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Testing - Asus AAM6000EV Quick Setup Instructions Manual

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4. Testing

After doing a restart on the router the following things should happen.
1. Power, Status, Line and PC lights go on and then go out.
2. Then the PC light goes on and the Status LED should start to flicker; this indicates there is a line negotiation taking place.
3. If the Status does not come on or stays flickering all the time then there might be something wrong with the line.
4. After line synchronisation the Status light stays on and then the router verifies the user name and password. It is possible to
have a connection (Status light on) but no internet because of failure to logon.
5. Reconnect using your web browser (as shown above).
6. From the login screen enter your user name and password.
Finally you must setup DNS Configuration on each PC:
Each PC MUST have the address for DNS entered in it's TCP setting. If your
PC doesn't have a DNS setting then it will not be able to find any internet
sites so it's important that you have this set correctly!
On the DNS Configuration screen you must Enable DNS and then enter a
Host name; this can be anything you like – just a made up name will do!
If you've followed the instructions given above then your router will
automatically be doing a feature called 'DNS relay'. With DNS relay you tell
your clients (PC's) to send their DNS requests to the router (as against sending
your requests through the router to the ISP's DNS). The router then forwards
those requests to the true DNS and then passes any replies back to the client.
Therefore, you need to 'add' the address of the router to the DNS list.
Finally click on OK and then OK from the main Network menu.
Windows will now install the revised network settings; please note that your
original Windows installation CD might be required. You should then reboot
your PC.
That's all there is to the basic setup. The next section covers basic testing.
7. Then go ADSL Line Status.
If it says MODEM ACTIVATING then it's not finding the line
or failing to synchronise. This could be because your ADSL
phone cable is not plugged in or maybe even faulty. Check and
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