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Asus AAM6000EV Quick Setup Instructions Manual page 11

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Advertisement or or 192.168.1.xx etc.. If the address of your PC does not match the subnet range of the gateway then
either the address of your PC or the gateway must be changed to suite.
18. Finally enter a valid web site name on the 'Address' line e.g.! It should work!!
9. Next, from your PC go Start/Run/winipcfg.
10. Make sure that the Ethernet Adapter Information is for your
actual network card (see the example below).
11. Check you have sensible numbers for IP address, Subnet,
and Default Gateway. If you just have then either you
haven't correctly setup you IP settings on your PC or, if trying
to use DHCP, you haven't correctly setup DHCP on the router.
Also check that the IP address for your PC is on the same
subnet as the address given for the gateway e.g. if the gateway
is then your computers should be addresses where
the first three numbers match e.g. PC's could be or
12. Click on More Info and check you have a valid DNS address, if not then
check you have it set correctly in your IP settings or the DHCP setup on the
router... Remember that if you are using the DNS Relay feature of the router
then the DNS address should be the same address as the router/gateway.
13. Then start your browser. If using IE then goto Tools/Internet
Options/Connections. Check it says 'Never dial a connection'
- 11 -
8. Now drop into DOS (DON'T PANIC!
Just do start/run enter 'command' and
then click on OK) and at the '>' command
prompt type 'ping' followed by the router
address (remember the DEFAULT router
address is but if you've
changed this remember to use the new
You should get a reply if not then check
the addresses of your computer match the
gateway (as shown below)....


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