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Checking Your Tcp/Ip Settings; Running Your Browser - Asus AAM6000EV Quick Setup Instructions Manual

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3.2. Checking your TCP/IP settings

The default IP address of the EV router is on subnet mask In simple terms this means that, in
order for your PC to talk to the router, the IP address of your PC's should be in the range from to If you already use TCP as your default network protocol and you don't use IP settings in the required range
then you will have to either permanently alter the settings of your computers to suite or change the default address of the
router. If you wish to alter the settings of all your PC's to suite then it is probably best to ask the person in charge of your
network setup to do this for you. If you want to alter the router then you will have to temporarily change the settings for
your PC.
Click on 'Specify an IP address' and, on the first screen (IP Address) enter a suitable address (e.g. as above) and the
subnet mask.
Now click on OK and, from the main Network screen click on OK.
Windows will now install the revised network settings; please note that your original Windows installation CD might be
required. You should then reboot your PC.

3.3. Running your Browser

Goto network settings (Start/Settings/Control Panel/Network).
Scroll down the list of network settings until you find the entry
showing TCP/IP. There may be several such entries (see example);
the one you need is the entry associated with your network card.
Select it and then click on Properties:
After checking your connections and TCP settings (see above) you
are ready to run your browser in order to configure the router.
Any browser can be used on any operating system: The
configuration screens are the same. If you are using Explorer then
click on your Explorer icon to start your browser.
When your browser starts up first check that it's using your LAN
for internet access. To do this in Explorer goto Tools/Internet
Then check that the setting 'Never dial a connection' is selected.
No other changes need to be made. If you're using Netscape then
no configuration is required for your browser to automatically use
your LAN.
Now enter the address of the router on the Address/URL line of
your browser. The browser should then load the startup page from
the router:
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