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Passwords; Connecting To Your Network And Line; Basic Configuration; Installing Tcp Protocol On Your Pc - Asus AAM6000EV Quick Setup Instructions Manual

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1. Passwords.

Some levels of access in the firmware are password protected. Below shows the default password for the current firmware

2. Connecting to your network and line

Referring to the product manual check the small switch on back of unit. For the purposes of initial router setup, we would
advise that you connect the LAN card of your computer and the router to a hub with no other clients connected: This is to
stop any problems that you might experience with IP clashes from other computers. Connect the LAN cable from the
socket marked '10/100 Base T' on the router to a 'normal' port on your hub (i.e. not an uplink or cross-over port). After
you have gone through initial setup of the router (see below) you can then reconnect any other devices to your hub (taking
care with possible IP clashes). If you want to connect the router directly to the LAN card of your PC then you will need to
use a LAN crossover cable.
Then refer to the product manual and connect to the ADSL line using RJ11/RJ11 cable as supplied by your provider (if
you don't have a cable then we can supply one for you) from the socket marked 'Line' on the back of the router.

3. Basic Configuration

The easiest way to configure the router is using a standard web browser (e.g. Explorer). You first of all need to check the
TCP/IP settings of your PC. Please note that the author is assuming you are using MS Windows (Win9x); please make
appropriate allowances if using another operating system or platform such as Apple or Linux. Please note that if there is
some reason why you cannot do configuration via a web browser then you will have to use console management via the
WAN port of the router connected to the serial port of your PC and then run a terminal application. To do this you will
require a 9 pin serial lead. Details on how to do configuration via the console port are given in the product manual. If you
are using console management then the following sections concerning TCP setup can be skipped and you can go direct to
the section concerning configuration from the Main Menu.

3.1. Installing TCP protocol on your PC

If you already use TCP/IP on your PC for LAN use then this section can be skipped.
network setup. You now need to check the settings of the TCP/IP protocol to ensure they are compatible with the router
setup. Details on how to do this are shown in the next section.
: adsl
: adsl1234
Goto Start/Settings/Control Panel/Network....
If you already see a line showing TCP/IP protocol such as the
example shown left then you can skip this section.
Otherwise click on Add, then select Protocol and then click on
Add.. again. Then on the Select Network Protocol screen select
Click on OK and Windows will then add the protocol to your
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