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Restarting; Trouble Shooting; Testing - Asus AAM60EV Quick Setup Instructions Manual

Asus aam60ev; aam60bi; aam60vi adsl routers
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PPP starting status
: 'UP' i.e. start service automatically
DoD : 'DISABLE' Dial on Demand – basically this tells the router to disconnect from the ISP if you don't use the service
for a specified time. Then the router will automatically reconnect when there is an demand for internet access from you
LAN. Normally you would want the service permanently up i.e. DoD disabled BUT if you are worried about security and
unsolicited access from the ISP then selecting DoD means that the connection will break if you are away from your PC for a
period of time or if your don't use the connection for a while. The Idle Timeout value specifies when the connection should
be dropped. Once the connection is dropped then the router will automatically reconnect if it detects internet demand.
Reconnection is very quick; typically just a second or two.
NAT : normally this should be selected. If you have a block of IP addresses from your provider then you may want to
disable NAT and fully 'expose' your LAN.
IP Filter
: this feature enables or disables to IP filter firewall. Normally you would have this NOT ticked. However if
you run non-NAT mode, with a fully 'exposed' LAN then you may wish to enable this feature. You will then need to set-up
IP filtering; see Network Service, IP Filtering.
Auto Discovery DNS... : This setting doesn't matter unless you are going to use DNS relay.
Now click on Submit to store the changes.

4.3.3 Restarting

To make the changes have an effect you must now select Restart...

5 Trouble Shooting

5.1 Testing

After doing a restart on the router the following things should happen.
1. Power, Status, Line and PC lights go on and then go out.
2. Then the PC light goes on and the Status LED should start to flicker; this indicates there is a line negotiation taking place.
3. If the Status does not come on or stays flickering all the time then there might be something wrong with the line (but see
note about bsp mode in the Advanced section).
4. After line synchronisation the Status light stays on and then the router verifies the user name and password. It is possible
to have a connection (Status light on) but no internet because of failure to logon.
5. Reconnect using your web browser (as shown above).
6. From the login screen enter your user name and password.
7. Then go ADSL Line Status.
It should look something like this....
'Service Provider'
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