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The Main Menu; Set Ethernet I.e. Configure Ip Settings; Set Adsl Channel - Asus AAM6000EV Quick Setup Instructions Manual

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network. If you left the addresses as default in the router then yours will show as
Now enter the default user name and password.
Click OK and you should then goto the main configuration menu.

3.4. The Main Menu

After successfully entering the user name and password the main configuration menu will be shown similar to below:

3.4.1. Set Ethernet i.e. configure IP settings

If you want to alter the default IP address settings of the router
(e.g. if you already use a different IP address range for your
LAN) then below shows the basic outlines to do this. Note that
this is the address that your router uses for your internal LAN.
WARNING If you alter the IP address settings of the router then
remember that the TCP settings of your PC may have to be
altered to suite (this will especially be true if you are using
Telnet or web interface to do the router configuration).
Click on the quick Setup Wizard and then Ethernet:
Enter your new settings and then click on submit. If you change the settings then you will now have to alter the TCP settings
on your PC and also change the address that you enter on your browser to go into configuration.

3.4.2. Set ADSL Channel

Click on the quick Setup Wizard and then Channel:
For BT
The first four settings below will, as far as I understand this, be the
same for ANY ISP on the BT network.
Service Type
Channel number
: PPPoA Routed.
: 1
: 0
- 6 -
Click in 'Enter' to goto the configuration logon (or if you wait
a few seconds this should happen automatically anyway).
(Don't worry that the example above shows the router address
as – this is the address we've used on our


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