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Asus AAM6000EV Quick Setup Instructions Manual

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Quick setup instructions for
Asus AAM6000EV

ADSL Router

(read these notes whilst also referring to the manual supplied with the product)
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  • Page 1: Adsl Router

    Solwise Ltd. Quick setup instructions for Asus AAM6000EV ADSL Router (read these notes whilst also referring to the manual supplied with the product) - 1 -...
  • Page 2 - 2 -...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Quick setup instructions for Asus AAM6000EV ADSL Router (read these notes whilst also referring to the manual supplied with the product) Passwords....................................4 Connecting to your network and line .............................4 Basic Configuration................................4 3.1. Installing TCP protocol on your PC ..........................4 3.2.
  • Page 4: Passwords

    1. Passwords. Some levels of access in the firmware are password protected. Below shows the default password for the current firmware version: name : adsl password : adsl1234 2. Connecting to your network and line Referring to the product manual check the small switch on back of unit. For the purposes of initial router setup, we would advise that you connect the LAN card of your computer and the router to a hub with no other clients connected: This is to stop any problems that you might experience with IP clashes from other computers.
  • Page 5: Checking Your Tcp/Ip Settings

    3.2. Checking your TCP/IP settings The default IP address of the EV router is on subnet mask In simple terms this means that, in order for your PC to talk to the router, the IP address of your PC’s should be in the range from to
  • Page 6: The Main Menu

    Click in ‘Enter’ to goto the configuration logon (or if you wait a few seconds this should happen automatically anyway). (Don’t worry that the example above shows the router address as – this is the address we’ve used on our network.
  • Page 7 : 38 For KC RapidTime Service Type : PPPoA Routed. Channel number : 50 Then click on Submit. The next screen is then for you to setup your user name and password: Now enter your user name and password as provided by your ISP.
  • Page 8: Dns Relay

    3.5. Advanced 3.5.1. Altering Configuration User/Password The default user name and password are ‘adsl’ and ‘adsl1234’. However the AAM6000EV does allow you to both alter the default user setup and also create new users with three levels of permission: MAINTENANCE...
  • Page 9: Finishing Off

    Goto Sys-Maintenance/User: To alter the default ‘adsl’ main user select EDIT for the ‘Action’ then enter the user number (1 for the first ‘adsl’ user). Then alter the settings and then click on Submit. To add a new user select ADD for the ‘Action’ and then enter the new user details.
  • Page 10: Testing

    Finally you must setup DNS Configuration on each PC: Each PC MUST have the address for DNS entered in it’s TCP setting. If your PC doesn’t have a DNS setting then it will not be able to find any internet sites so it’s important that you have this set correctly! On the DNS Configuration screen you must Enable DNS and then enter a Host name;...
  • Page 11 8. Now drop into DOS (DON’T PANIC! Just do start/run enter ‘command’ and then click on OK) and at the ‘>’ command prompt type ‘ping’ followed by the router address (remember the DEFAULT router address is but if you’ve changed this remember to use the new address): You should get a reply if not then check...
  • Page 12: Firmware Upgrade

    PC running Windows 9x or similar): 1. The latest firmware file for upload. Contact Solwise direct or your dealer for this file. DO NOT GO TO THE ASUS SITE FOR THIS. Solwise have their own, special firmware for UK use. You cannot get this from the Asus site.
  • Page 13: Setup Tftp

    Enter the IP address of your router; the default address of the AAM6000EV is normally (NOT as shown in the example above!!). Then click on OK. Finally click on close to return to the main BOOTP screen: 5.1.2. Setup TFTP Run the Cisco TFTP server programme and goto View/Options: Click on Browse and enter the directory which contains your firmware file.
  • Page 14: Booting The Router

    5.1.3. Booting the Router Now that you have the various software programmes (Terminal/BOOTP/TFTP) setup you are ready to boot the router and auto load the firmware file. With HyperTerminal showing, hold down the ‘*’ key (Shift/8) and at the same time press the reset button on the rear of the router.
  • Page 15 and the TFTP screen should show the file downloading..When the file download is finished the TFTP shows: and HyperTerminal clears to the logon prompt: - 15 -...
  • Page 16: Activating The New Firmware

    5.1.4. Activating the new Firmware After entering your user name and password (see above) the main setup screen appears: You now need to tell the router to activate the new firmware. To do this select 6. System Maintenance: Now select 3. Firmware Update..- 16 -...
  • Page 17 When finished you are advised to reset to Factory Configuration (option 2.) however this will remove any custom programming/setup so you will have to re-enter your ISP and routing details. Solwise Ltd. 13/15 Springfield Way Anlaby Hull HU10 6RJ Tel 0845 458 4558 (local rate) Fax 0845 458 4559 Email Http

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