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Motorola VT1000 User Manual Page 36

Motorola user guide voice terminal vt1000 series.
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High-speed telecommunication over a wide range of frequencies, typically 256 Kbps or faster. Broadband enables more information to
be transmitted in less time. The most common broadband service types available to home and small-office users are cable modem or
DSL. Both cable modem and DSL are much faster than a traditional dial-up Internet connection.
If you have a cable modem, the cable company from which you subscribe to high-speed data service.
If you have a DSL modem, the company from which you subscribe to DSL service.
cable modem
A device enabling a broadband connection to the Internet over cable television lines. It requires a subscription for high-speed data
service from your local cable provider.
coaxial cable
A type of wire consisting of a center wire surrounded by insulation and a grounded shield of braided wire traditionally used mainly to
carry cable television signals. The shield minimizes electrical and radio frequency interference.
The Data-Over-Cable Service Interface Specification defines interface standards for cable modems, gateways, and supporting
equipment to deliver data between an HFC network and computer systems or television sets. Euro-DOCSIS is DOCSIS adapted for
use in Europe.
A "de-militarized zone" is a host that can be accessed by any computer on the Internet. You can use a DMZ to prevent direct access by
outside users to private data. (The term comes from the geographic buffers located between some conflicting countries such as North
and South Korea.) The DMZ host cannot initiate a session back to the private LAN. Internet users can access only the DMZ host. You
can use a DMZ to set up a Web server or for gaming without exposing confidential data.
A digital subscriber line enables a broadband connection to the Internet over traditional telephone lines that support DSL. You need a
subscription for DSL service from your local telephone company.


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