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Problems and remedies (continued)
There is no picture.
• Check that the player is connected correctly and
• Make sure you operate the TV correctly.
• Make sure you set the SYSTEM SELECT
correctly, according to your TV (color) system.
• Press FUNCTION (or FUNCTION +/– on the
remote) repeatedly until "CD" appears in the
• Make sure that GAME MIXING is canceled.
The CD tray does not close.
• The VIDEO CD/CD is not placed properly.
The VIDEO CD/CD will not play.
• The VIDEO CD/CD is not lying flat in the disc
• The VIDEO CD/CD is dirty (see "Notes on
VIDEO CD/CDs " on page 40).
• The VIDEO CD/CD is inserted label side down.
• The VIDEO CD/CD is moist.
Play does not start from the first track.
• The player is in program or shuffle mode. Press
PLAY MODE repeatedly until "PROGRAM,"
SHUFFLE" disappears.
MP3 files cannot be played back.
• Recording was not performed according to the
ISO 9660 level 1 or level 2 format.
• The file extension ".MP3" is not added to the file
• Files are not stored in MP3 format.
• Discs containing files other than MPEG 1 Audio
Layer-3 files cannot be played.
• Files that are 64 kB or smaller cannot be played.
MP3 files take longer to play back than others.
• After the unit read all files on the disc, playback
may take more time than usual if:
– the number of folders or files on the disc is
very large.
– the folder and file organization structure is very
The folder title, track title and ID3 tag do not
appear correctly.
• The disc was not recorded in conformance with
ISO 9660 level 1 or level 2. Use a disc that
conforms with ISO 9660 level 1 or level 2.
• The disc ID3 tag is not ver. 1 (ver.1.0 or 1.1).
The folder title, track title, ID3 tag, and the CD
TEXT characters don't appear properly.
• The characters that can be displayed by this unit
are as follows:
– Upper cases (A to Z)
– Numbers (0 to 9)
– Symbols (< > * + , – / [ ] \ _)
Other characters may not be displayed correctly.
About ID3 tag version 2
Although not a malfunction, the following occurs
when an MP3 file containing ID3 tag ver. 2 is
– When skipping a portion of ID3 tag ver. 2 (at
the beginning of the track), sound is not output.
Skip time changes depending ID3 tag ver.2
Example: At 64 kbytes, it is about 2 seconds
(with RealJukebox*).
– The displayed elapsed playing time when
skipping a portion of ID3 tag ver. 2 is
For MP3 files of a bit rate other than 128 kbps,
time is not displayed accurately during
– When an MP3 file is created with MP3
conversion software (ex. RealJukebox*), ID3
tag ver. 2 will automatically be written.
* "RealJukebox" is a registered trademark of
RealNetworks, Inc.
As of December, 2001


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