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There is no sound.
• Turn VOLUME clockwise.
• The headphones are connected.
• Insert only the stripped portion of the speaker
cord into the SPEAKER jack. Inserting the vinyl
portion of the speaker cord will obstruct the
speaker connections.
• The protective device on the amplifier has been
activated because of a short circuit.
("PROTECT" and "PUSH POWER" flash
alternately.) Turn off the unit, eliminate the
short-circuit problem and turn on the power
• There is no audio output during timer recording.
There is no microphone sound.
• Turn VOLUME or MIC LEVEL to adjust the
microphone volume.
• Make sure the microphone is connected to the
MIC1 or MIC2 jack correctly.
There is severe hum or noise.
• A TV or VCR is placed too close to the stereo
system. Move the stereo system away from the
TV or VCR.
The sound from the connected source is
• If "VIDEO" appears in the display when you
press FUNCTION (or FUNCTION +/– on the
remote) repeatedly, switch the display to "MD"
(see "Notes" in "Listening to audio from a
connected component" on page 35).
The timer does not function.
• Set the clock correctly.
• Set the timer correctly.
DAILY and REC do not appear when you press
the c/CLOCK SET button.
• Set the timer correctly.
• Set the clock.
The remote does not function.
• There is an obstacle between the remote and the
• The remote is not pointing in the direction of the
system's sensor.
• The batteries have run down. Replace the
There is acoustic feedback.
• Decrease the volume level.
• Move the microphone away from the speakers or
change the direction of the microphone.
The color irregularity on a TV screen persists.
• Turn off the TV set once, then turn it on after 15
to 30 minutes. If the color irregularity still
persists, place the speakers farther away from the
TV set.
"PROTECT" and "PUSH POWER" appear
• A strong signal was input. Press ?/1 to turn off
the power, leave the system turned off for a
while, then press ?/1 again to turn on the power.
• Check the speaker cables in case "PROTECT"
and "PUSH POWER" appear alternately again
after you turn the system on.
Sound comes from one channel or unbalanced
left and right volume.
• Check the speaker connection and speaker
Sound lacks bass.
• Check that the speaker's + and – jacks are
connected correctly.


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