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Glossary - Sony LBT-XGV8 Operating Instructions Manual

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Auto Pause
An automatic pause function which is activated
according to the signal encoded on the disc
while playing a VIDEO CD. If the CD player
does not resume play for a long time, press
HX to resume play manually.
Menu Playback
Playback using the menu screens recorded on
VIDEO CDs with PBC functions. You can
enjoy simple interactive software using the
menu playback function.
Playback Control (PBC)
Signals encoded on VIDEO CDs (Version 2.0)
to control playback.
By using menu screens recorded on VIDEO
CDs with PBC functions, you can enjoy
playing simple interactive software, software
with search functions, and so on.
Sections of a picture or a music piece on disc.
Each track is assigned a track number to help
you locate the desired track.
Sony Corporation
Printed in Indonesia
A compact disc which contains moving
VIDEO CDs contain compact picture
information using the MPEG 1 format, one of
the world wide standards of digital compact
technology. The picture information is
compressed about 120 times. Consequently, a
12 cm VIDEO CD can contain up to 74
minutes of moving pictures.
VIDEO CDs also contain compact audio
information. Sounds outside the range of
human hearing are compressed while the
sounds we can hear are not compressed.
VIDEO CDs can hold six times the audio
information of conventional audio CDs.
There are two versions for VIDEO CDs;
Version 1.1 (VIDEO CDs without PBC
You can play only moving pictures and sounds.
Version 2.0 (VIDEO CDs with PBC functions):
You can play still pictures and enjoy PBC
This player can play both versions.


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